Gaming remains a very important part of the PC puzzle, and though the main focus of Microsoft has shifted towards its Xbox console, the release of Windows 8 has opened up new possibilities for Redmond on the mobile front.

Mobile in this case being the various form factors — PC, tablets and smartphones.

Nevertheless, while Steam has become the undisputed leader of PC gaming, the Games for Windows Live service continues to solider on. A significant change, however, may just be around the corner.

Redmond has announced that next week, on August 22, it will be closing the Games for Windows Live marketplace, meaning users of the service will no longer be able to buy new games through it.

The company says that downloadable content and in-game purchases will still be available to purchase. However, this will vary from game to game, and Microsoft is advising users to get in touch with the publisher of each game for detailed information.

And just like past services that it has closed, Microsoft has published a dedicated FAQ page about the changes. The software titan recently announced that it will be retiring the Microsoft Points system in favor of real world currency transactions.

Microsoft has made it clear that the Games for Windows Live service will continue to be available, and any games and content already purchased will still be accessible to users via the official client.

But one never can tell with these sorts of changes, maybe they are the first step towards the eventual closing of the service.

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