Gates Should Come Back To Lead Microsoft, Says Charles Schwab

Gates Should Come Back To Lead Microsoft, Says Charles Schwab

Microsoft may be looking for a new CEO, but for a number of people the best choice is already with the company. Charles Schwab is the latest in the list of people that think the co-founder of the company should be the new CEO.

The American businessman was talking to Bloomberg, and in this latest interview said that Gates should return at the helm of Microsoft — for a year at least, if not more.

And the reason cited is that at this point in time Bill Gates is the only one that could reshape the company and give it a new identity. Redmond has already begun the transition to a devices and services approach and is now increasing its focus on hardware.

This transition, according to Schwab, is ambitious and risky:

“When you build up a culture, there’s only one person who can knock it down. It would behoove Gates to go back for at least a year. He’s the only guy who can really reshape the cultural aspects, because otherwise the organization will spit anybody out, anybody coming in.”

Anyway, this is not the first time Microsoft’s co-founder has been said to be the best choice for the role of CEO at the company. It is still the same old story — the fact that there is no clear cut choice, a resounding winner in the shortlist means that some people are still holding their breath for a return.

For his part, though, Bill Gates has made his intentions clear and denied these reports.

He is currently in charge of the committee tasked with naming a new CEO, and according to his latest comments things are coming along well, with progress being made in this high-profile search.

  • Ray C

    They need a new CEO, but I guess he makes a valid point about anyone else being spit out.