This is cool.

Head over to The Verge and check out Tom Warren’s sneak peek pre-review of the Microsoft Surface Pro.

He did a pretty good job and it sounds like Microsoft MAY have a hit on their hands.

Some excerpts:

Behind the display the tablet is housed in a magnesium case that’s near-identical to the Surface RT. The Surface Pro is 13.46mm thick compared to the 9.39mm of the Surface RT. Surface Pro also weights 0.5lbs more. I was expecting to be disappointed by the thickness and weight combo, but Microsoft has made this really comfortable to use.


Performance was equally as impressive as the display and the Intel Core i5 processor is the perfect combination for Windows 8. One of the big complaints in our Surface RT review was the hit and miss nature of Windows RT performance on the Tegra 3 chipset. It’s night and day with the Surface Pro. This thing flies. Opening up multiple apps is super fast and despite its tablet-like appearance, this is a full powerful Windows PC.

I am now getting excited about this device.

I’m looking forward to doing a full review as soon as I can get my hands on it.

You can read more from Tom Warren about the new Microsoft Surface Pro here.

Do you plan to buy a Surface Pro?

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  • Amara Kain

    It looks great dude!!

  • Gourou

    i need a new device this year, so of course a surface pro might make it to my desk, but i am also waiting for the Asus Vivo transformer, and i am as well looking at the Lenovo and thinkpad solutions (yoga ans s230u). as yet i have no clue what to choose.

  • Jason Deveau

    Cant wait! I hope to get 1 sometime soon…. my next PC will be a tablet with stand/dock. I’m sick of a desk full of devices. I will miss having 2 screens but worth it I think.

    • CompUser

      Get a Samsung Series 7 Slate with a dock. The tablet is 11.6 inches, and has an i5 dual core processor, 4 GB RAM, and a 128 GB SSD with Windows 7 Professional (its a year old). The dock has an audio, LAN, and USB port, plus a full size HDMI port for that second monitor. I use a cable with HDMI on one end and DVI on the other, to connect it to 22″ monitor, and I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It’s my full-time work computer, and it’s great!

      • WillyThePooh

        Win7 on tablet? If I need to buy it, I would buy it now and upgrade to Win8 for $15 right away before the deal ends. Win7 is never for tablet.

        • CompUser

          Of course you would, who wouldn’t? I was comparing my tablet to the Surface Pro and just pointing out it’s a year old, and therefore, unlike the Surface Pro, it doesn’t have Windows 8. And actually Windows 7 Professional runs perfectly fine on this tablet – touchscreen and all.

  • Ricardo Moura Rocha

    It’s always looked good, after all, it looks pretty much the same as the rt, the problem was never looks but pricing and the less than stellar battery life…
    It’s a great concept, and I would’ve loved it for around 6 to 8 hundred, at 1000, no thank you.

  • Guest

    I like Tom Warren… have been following him from his Winrumors site. Unfortunately, I could see how people may see him as a Microsoft homer. Alternatively, Sam Biddle over at Gizmodo just spent an hour with the Surface Pro and he came away just as impressed.

  • CompUser

    This looks (and from the review, sounds) nice, but I wish Microsoft would have made the Surface Pro bigger than the Surface. Maybe copied the Samsung Series 7 Slate with an 11.6″ display.

  • Darren Kavin George

    i was planning to but the i saw the Lenovo helix.

    • Joseph Marion

      Me too! Like the Lenovo Helix and the Samsung.

  • Daniel Gray

    Figures…I knew there would be some MS hating people on here trying to move people away from this great little pad. Never fails.

  • reza

    in iran that is so expensive,
    but i like to have one

    • Rug Ratz

      Not to be political, but don’t the trade embargoes currently in place against Iran by US prevent you from getting a legit copy of Win 8 and surface pro? How would you get one otherwise? Just curious.

      • Onuora Amobi

        That’s a GREAT question., the intersection of technology and international politics.

  • Alberto Gorin

    I can t help it windows 8 think with metro style is ugly
    windows 7 look I love it
    but take Motorola xoom with android goes 10 hour battery life
    tablet with windows 7 yes that’s the one I would like

  • DCJason

    Three of my clients are standing by to purchase a Surface Pro. Even though they will have a learning curve of Win 8 and Office 2013, they are looking forward to the slick, lightweight, great screen resolution laptop they can carry around and get the benefit of a tablet (none have a table). They are looking forward to a ‘combination’ so they don’t have to carry two devices. These aren’t gamers, they normal users who just need to replace their aging XP laptops. A $1000 price tag is what they would have expected to pay anyway. Why would something so well designed and so cutting edge be priced cheaply? Look at Apple? Do they sell anything cheap? Nah. They expect quality costs a bit more.