Desktop is still the main battleground for cybercriminals, and it seems they are not going to let go of it that easily. While newer battles are said to be fought on mobile platforms like Android and iOS, the main war is showing no signs of slowing.

A new wave of attack could be on the its way towards 64-bit installations of Windows next year.

In its report on the Five Most Dangerous Malware Trends of 2013, security firm Trusteer notes that while native 64-bit malware is already out in the wild, the upcoming year could see a significant increase in these types of threats.

Long story short, this new breed of malware aimed at 64-bit versions of Windows is harder to detect, as it compromises support for 64-bit processes running on the target machines.

“In 2012, we began seeing financial malware developing native 64-bit Windows capabilities. 32-bit malware is handicapped when it runs on 64-bit machines. That’s because the 32-bit malware cannot see or penetrate the ‘native’ 64-bit system processes it uses to evade detection”.

Security companies, Trusteer says, should increase their efforts to protect 64-bit systems.

Another recent report by Sophos suggested that Windows was no longer the main target of cybercriminals, owning to the fact how Microsoft has strengthened the security components of its flagship operating system.

“Security really is about more than Microsoft. The PC remains the biggest target for malicious code today, yet criminals have created effective fake antivirus attacks for the Mac”.


Interesting. Very interesting.

Like they say it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Only those who have suffered such severe attacks that resulted in information theft, monetary loss or destroyed data can testify how painful an experience it is — enough to bring grown men to tears, and established companies to their knees!

Let’s just hope the major security companies of the world are prepared for whatever 2013 holds.

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