Get Ready For A Windows 8 Touch Gesture Mouse

I have a confession to make — I’ve always liked Genius.

Now whether this was because of their cool name or even cooler logo that they had (a mouse silhouette on the letter G) is up for debate, but the company was alright with me. Of course, they made some good peripherals too, many of which I used.

Now with the release of Windows 8, it seems that peripheral makers have become active again.

Genius revealed three new mice set to make an appearance during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three good mice are exotically named: Touch Mouse 6000, GX Gila Gaming Mouse and Ring Mouse 2.

The first of these, the Touch Mouse 6000 is the most interesting of the three. It almost makes do without buttons. Instead it uses a touch pad to recognize taps and gestures.

Yes, you heard that right. It is supposed to gives users a taste of the full experience of the new Windows interface when a touchscreen is not available.

This, I’ve got to try.

The second mouse has already garnered a few awards. It is a gaming peripheral boasting 12 buttons and a laser sensor that works anywhere between 200 to 8200 dpi.

And lastly the third member is a ring mouse, one of the first in the world. It is worn on the finger, and allows owners to surf the Internet just by moving their fingers in the air.

More details will are set to be available come CES 2013, but the Touch Mouse 6000 seems like it could be a pretty nifty addition to a Windows 8 desktop computer.