Microsoft has really changed a lot in the last few years. There was a time when Microsoft was much more protective over allowing consumers to get early glimpses of its products.

When Vista rolled around for commercial release, it just wasn’t well received.

A combination of Vista’s low popularity and the rise of Apple products like iPod meant a rise in Mac Switchers and more people were beginning to doubt Microsoft’s Windows operating system in general.

In order to appeal to customers better, Windows 7’s development was much more publicly shared and throughout the process things like BETAs and RTMs were easily available for testing.

Did these changes make Windows 7 a success? Although Windows 7 was a success for more than just its more ‘open’ sharing with its customers, it certainly didn’t hurt.

Luckily, Microsoft is keeping the same approach up for Windows 8.

Even the pre-BETA (Windows Developer Preview) has been shared, giving developers and curious tech folks like myself an opportunity to see what direction Windows 8 is going in and also help make suggestions as to areas needed for improvement.

This is a win-win situation for Microsoft because it gives people the view that Microsoft is open and wants input, and honestly it also gives Microsoft thousands of free bug testers.

Since releasing Windows Developer Preview, users have made many comments and suggestions that have helped change the way Windows 8 is developing. Part of the complaints had to do with Metro customization, the way Metro works on non-touch systems, and just basic bugs.

Although the time with the pre-Beta is coming to an end (with the BETA expected in the next 1-2 months), if you are interested in helping improve Windows Developer Preview this is as good as time as any.

For those of us already operating Windows Developer Preview, what is the best way to communicate with Microsoft about potential bugs and errors?

There is actually a special tool that you must download to report such bugs.

To me it seems a little odd that Microsoft didn’t bundle the bug reporting tool with Windows Developer Preview to begin with, but I guess they were trying to minimize bloatware and decided not everyone would want the tool.

Keep in mind that in order to use the tool you will need to first download the “File Transfer Manager” at

The actual location for the Feedback Tool is

You may also be asked for an invitation code and so go ahead and use the code MSDN-76H9-3CFP, which was found at the site, My Windows Club.

With Windows Beta coming quickly, reporting bugs now is going to be the best way to ensure the most solid experience possible with the upcoming Beta.

What do you think of the idea of Microsoft having a separate “Feedback Tool?” Should Microsoft have just included the tool in the first place or was the idea of making it separate okay?

Of course so close to the Beta, it might just be better to wait until it arrives instead to get your first taste of Windows 8.

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  • Happy_Happy_Happy_90

    …..I Саn`t bеlеivе…Мy friеnd`s sistеr mакеs 78/hr оn thе intеrnеt.  Shе hаs bееn unеmрlоуеd fоr 11 mоnths but lаst mоnth hеr incоmе wаs  7985$ јust wоrкing оn thе РС fоr а fеw hоurs.  Read on this wеbsitе…….

  • Mike673

    I personally do not like windows 8. It loads slower, it is not as responsive as windows 7. I like Windows 7 UI much better.Windows 7 is easier to navigate.Windows 8 was just too Complicated for me to utilize. Microsoft should just have stayed with Windows 7 and stopped.Also, i do not like the idea of having No dvd media player installed.I am going to switch back over to my windows 7 hard drive.

  • jwolferocket9154

    Okay here goes to all u windows 8 fans. How many of you have noticed that when you first load it or buy a computer with it all ready thier you have to already have an e-mail address and a password setup? What if you are new to using a computer and don’t have an e-mail address or password? I had set up a friend that didn’t have any one of those and Microsoft also wanted her to put her name address, e-mail address, phone # ect. in the ownership aera of the computer. Another bad thing about Windows 8 is you can’t use the internet explorer app unless you have MSN as your home page, nor can you use the mail app unless you have Outlook Express. So why do they even have those apps. That falls under Dicktatership witch is illeagal. So if Microsoft does come out with a new Operating System hopefully they won’t have any apps and it will be more like Windows 95,98 XP, and Windows 7. In my oppinion those where the very best Operating Systems that Microsoft ever came out with.

  • bepaw

    If slower loading times and frequent computer freezes are a good thing then please use Windows 8, it will have you waiting and restarting your computer every other hour on a regular basis. Good luck if you don’t throw your computer on the ground because your operating system is so very suboptimal. Not pleased.

  • Syttende Mai

    Windows 8 BLOWS.

  • 19canyon

    I think Windows 8 sucks. It is not user friendly to those of us that have been working with XP for the past 5 plus years. I think they really missed the mark with this one. I know that I am from the dark ages, I go back to DOS, however at least back then no one was trying to control my life or want my life history to work on a PC. I like the older XP and can live with Window’s 7. Why you do not offer the same feature to look and operate like XP as an upgrade to WIndow’s 8 does not make sense.

  • Malek

    Windows 8 is the absolute worst Microsoft product to date. It removed all my installed software and still works like a piece of you know what. The UI is the most counter intuitive UI I have ever used. Update have their own mind of when they want to run. Shut down and start up now takes hours if not forever. If Microsoft wants to put something out for testing they should not sell it to the public. I would love to find out how I can get my windows 7 back and where do I find my old product key. Added to all this products purchased by Microsoft now get to feel the wrath of their stupidities – such products include Skype just to name my most recent experience. If Microsoft does not correct this mess I will drop make sure to never recommend or use another Microsoft desktop or office product.

  • HFG

    Hello, I just learned today that every time I reboot my new computer, I need to reactivate my Windows software by calling technical support and waiting for them to give me something like 45 numbers to type into these 9 little boxes. That is the biggest load of garbage I have ever heard of in my 20+ years of computing. First you install windows on my new computer and don’t even send me so much a product key (and if you did send a product key it would be a three point font that I have to magnify to read), then you tell me that I have to sit on the phone following a voice activated system that can’t seem to understand a word I say to it, only to finally get on the phone with someone I can’t understand, every time I want to reboot my computer? All I can say is it’s no flippin’ wonder Microsoft is having financial problems. Your software gets less user friendly with each passing year, and it never was that friendly to begin with. Hurry up Android… you don’t have any real competition.HFG

  • beth

    I do not know who will get this message, but I just want to say that I am sick and tired of being ruled by the tech world. I do not have several hours to learn new software that is forced on me, and I despise what technology is costing people everywhere in terms of money, time, and mostly the diminishing of any meaningful human exchange. I am sickened by having to do something for my job that only makes my life more miserable , as I have yet to see a software that is an improvement on its earlier version. While theoretically computers are faster, with all of the new traffic and “upgades,” and security measures, things have slowed down greatly in the last 2 or 3 years. So the graffics are nicer, but I had rather look at a magazine if I want to see pictures. Besides, since everything is made in China these days anyway, the technology upgrades are really just supporting the Chinese economy and a few rich owners of large companies or large stockholders, while the rest of us are less happy. Welcome to America. I am hoping my children choose a new country. But in case anyone actually cares, it would be nice if companies would develop upgrades with the same interfaces that did not require that I either experience a high level of frustration while I fund your new project with dollars spent on required software, or take a training, which means I have less time for the people I love.