Global Tablet Shipments Reached Over 78 Million Units In Q4 2013

So this much is certain. Tablets are not only here to stay, they are growing from strength to strength, quarter to quarter. In fact, these devices reached another lavish score this past quarter.

The last quarter of the year is usually a marquee one for sales, and once again, slates pulled in some great numbers towards the end of 2013. Latest data reveals that a total of 78.45 million tablets shipped worldwide in Q4, a quarterly increase of 25 percent, and year-on growth of 29.8 percent.

Apple settled in with a 29.7 percent share of the pie, while some 36.6 percent of these shipments were accounted for by other major brand vendors.

White box vendors enjoyed a considerable share of 33.8 percent.

Of particular interest are the 8-inch models, as this is the form factor almost all Windows powered tablet makers have chosen. The Acer Iconia W4, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba Encore 8, Lenovo IdeaTab Miix 2 and more all make use of this screen size.

So anyway, the 8-inch devices accounted for 7.6 percent total revenue in Q4 2013.

Compare this to the corresponding figures of 31 percent for 7-inch models, 25.4 percent for 9-inch ones, and 15.8 percent for 10-inch slates, and it becomes clear that the market is still very open for the taking.

  • WillyThePooh

    This confirmed what I said before to those desktop diehard. Desktop mode is going to become like DOS prompt in win7. Any further OS development in desktop UI is basically a waste of time and manpower.