Crowdsourcing has quickly become one of the easiest ways for small companies and individual developers/designers to make their dream products become a reality. Through sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, we’ve seen several of these kinds of projects.

Now a Moscow-based team wants to put together a smart watch called the Gnomio. We’ve seen smart watches before, so why care? Well, this one is different, in that instead of focusing on Android or iOS– this is a smart watch that communicates with Windows Phone 8.

The watch runs on Windows Embedded Compact 7 and is designed to use Bluetooth to connect to Windows Phone 8. Interestingly enough, the watch can also install Windows Phone apps using a “smartphone extending device”.

As for the specs, the device is powered by a 270MHz ARM processor with 64GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The display is 1.5-inches, fully touch capable and has a resolution of 240×240.

According to the team behind Gnomio, they started work in March 2012 and hopes to begin watch shipments in April of 2013 with the help of backers on the site Indiegogo. Right now they are attempting to secure $100,000 with 68 days left in the campaign.

For those thinking about pitching in, remember that these kinds of projects never guarantee you’ll actually get the item if things fall through, so it is certainly a “do at your own risk” kind of ‘investment’.

While it is hard to say if/when this will really make it as a product, it is a cool idea. Sure, other products like this exist, but the Gnomio seems to have a lot of power under the hood and its ability to work with Windows Phone 8 is also unique.

If such a product could eventually arrive to market for around $100, would you consider it or not?

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  • Jack Sparrow

    Ah, read about this one on another website a while back. Let’s see how the campaign ends first.

  • dst

    nah, I’ll skip.

  • Robert Kegel

    I wonder if they pitched the idea to Microsoft, or Samsung (I’m not sure if HTC or Nokia would have the time at this moment to really put into a project like this)? Looks like a nice idea. I’d probably buy one.

  • Caio César Omena Rodrigues

    64GB of RAM? o.O

  • Zdeněk Včelařík

    It looks nice, but isn’t it just copying Apple’s iPod Nano??