Going Up – The Appstore has 3600 apps available

My good buddy Wes Miller is doing a valuable public service on behalf of the Windows 8 community.

On his site WinAppUpdate.com, he’s keeping track of how many apps are available in the Microsoft store.

From his site today:

As of today, the Windows Store has 3,610 Windows Store apps available for purchase or free download. This is a non-trivial increase, and I’ve been seeing an average of 118 apps per day, but it ebbs and flows. Nothing so far matches the huge increase seen on 9/13, but during three days of the last week, over 240 apps hit the store each day. Charted with the earlier data, here is the result:

…Pretty strong growth. If you trend that out, the Windows Store will indeed be at over 5,000 apps by launch day.

118 apps a day isn’t bad for an OS that nobody has really heard of.

I’ll keep you posted as the count changes…

  • Nazmus Khandaker

    As an early adapter of Windows 8, I have download hundreds of apps. However, I only like a few metro style apps. In fact, I prefer some Metro style apps over its desktop counterpart. For example, I have been using Multimedia 8 over Windows Media Player because of its simplicity of use. You know, I need something that just works, and some desktop apps are just to complex. Metro does well on that front. However, as I noted, there are only a few Good apps that I really like. Most are junk to me. But I think great apps are coming. Besides, what is an app store without its share of fart apps.

  • Arnold

    I got a question, where are these supposed apps. I look everyday in the store and there certainly is no 118 new apps per day showing up. Am I missing something?