Good News – Bing has made sexy changes

Bing has launched a massive redesign of its services.

They have reorganized their search pages to reflect 3 new columns.

Standard Search

This form of Bing is the results that you know or don’t, but if you have used Bing, this is what you likely are familiar with already.


This is the new action column. Fusing results from OpenTable, FanSnap, and Yelp, if you are looking to get something done, this is your new friend, provided you find it superior to Google.


Here, Bing is going to bring in results from Quora, Facebook, and Twitter and Foursquare and others. The idea here is that Bing takes in your networks that you are have built, your social graph, and makes it relevant as you search. Also, the product will take in ‘experts’ from around the web to make sure that you have proper human guidance.

This is going to be an interesting next step for the Microsoft search engine.

With the introduction of disruptive algorithms like Panda and Penguin, some are speculating that Google is more vulnerable than ever.

Time will tell.

Here’s a video from Microsoft explaining the new changes:

  • Rikikrik

    Really super great search program from Microsoft. Bing has always been my search engine of choice. Works real good and have never used Google again. Google search is purely overblown. Microsoft is really the most innovative company I have seen the last two years. WP, Kinect, Xbox TV, W8 (tablets/PC and servers, among others) and now Bing transformed. Google is not half as innovative as Microsoft. Google has a lot of projects or experiments running (fast internet, automated cars, GDrive and productive apps, Android, Chrome, Google+ etc, and a lot of projects that we’re killed. But Search remains the biggest revenue generator of Google, 96% of their revenue comes from Search. Mobile, Google+, automated cars, fast internet etc, none of them are really generating revenue and profit for Google. Micfrosoft has at least five divisions of which four are profitable. With the innovations of Microsoft they will even be more profitable in the future. Gogo softly micro