Good News, Windows RT devices will be priced to compete with the iPad

Good news for Microsoft watchers. It seems that based on what some reporters have found out, Windows RT devices will be priced reasonably.

By reasonably, I mean comparable to the iPad.

Paul Thurrott (who’s usually in the know about such matters) seems to have seen a few of the upcoming devices and knows a little bit about their pricing.

His quote reflects his ironclad NDA.

The Quote:

That’s some good information. But there are more questions, and the big one is about pricing. And though I can’t reveal the Windows RT device lineup I’ve viewed, I can tell you that these devices will indeed be priced comparably with the iPad. As a reminder, Apple prices the iPad at $499 to $829, depending on configuration. And not surprisingly, the Windows RT device price range will look shockingly similar to that. Shockingly.

This should be a good holiday season.

  • Oliver Mills

    Good news? This was the bear minimum I’ve been expecting, and I was hoping for a few to be cheaper that this. Maybe they’ll make a 7″ Nexus rival as well? They can’t all be costing iPad prices, that’s too much to make a dent because Apple have such a ridiculous strangehold over the market. Android is proof that it’s not easy even when your products are cheaper.