Remember the movie About Schmidt, eh?

The 57-year-old Eric Schmidt still does not see Microsoft as a viable player in the new technology landscape. He has placed Microsoft out of his “Gang of Four”, a group of companies which he believes matter the most in the consumer technology industry.

The current executive chairman of the search engine giant said that Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook still remain the top four players in the sector, even with Microsoft releasing several new (and important) products like Windows 8 and the Surface line of tablets.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Schmidt was quoted as saying:

“We had never in our industry seen four network platforms of that scale. We had seen IBM and we had seen Microsoft. But now we have four, and the resultant competition is a huge change in the industry”.

The former CEO of Google is also not impressed with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8:

“I have not used it, but I think that Microsoft has not emerged as a trendsetter in this new model yet”.

Unless something goes terribly wrong, I personally would still take out Amazon, and slot in Microsoft in the gang above. The Redmond giant, while terribly late to the party, still has enough of a presence in both the consumer and business sectors to be completely ruled out.

Microsoft was late to the Internet party in the 90s and similarly behind in the mobile one of 2000s, but as long as it registered its attendance it still is a folly to entirely rule it out.

What say you guys?

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  1. Rodney Longoria / December 5, 2012 at 8:46 am /Reply

    I agree with you, Fahad. This guy is delusional at best. Windows 8 may take some time in making a big impact, yet Windows 7 is still a major OS. What has Amazon come up with? Xbox I believe, has sold more than Amazon’s hardware offerings. I also think before it’s all said and done, that even Windows 8 phones will make some noise. Sounds like jealousy, in my opinion.

    • Right you are, Rodney.

      It’s a case of delusional at best, sour grapes at worst. Microsoft has been hot on the heels of Google recently with its campaigns. Nevertheless, one thing to remember is that while Microsoft is playing second fiddle to a lot of industry leaders (search, consumer electronics, and more), it’s second fiddle, not twenty-second fiddle.

      The company is competing in a lot of industry verticals, and winning a lot of them too. You mentioned gaming, exactly, Microsoft is present almost everywhere.

      One rules the Redmond titan out at its own peril, at least for the foreseeable future.

  2. Talbott Crowell / December 6, 2012 at 5:22 am /Reply

    Schmidt has a lot to lose if Microsoft succeeds, and vice versa as Chaiman of Google, he has a lot to gain if Microsoft fails. Listening to this guy’s opinion on the group of companies that matter most is like listening to political campaign manager give you advice on who to vote for during an election. It is interesting choice, because he probably doesn’t feel threatened by Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.

  3. microsoft will kick azz in 2013-2014…

  4. People have started to switch from PC’s and Laptops to tablets and phones which has dealt a big blow to Microsoft no doubt. The next shift will be from tablets to internet connected TV’s, Google and Apple have been very weak in this area but Microsoft’s xbox is in living rooms around the world. Without a doubt Microsoft will win the next battle.

  5. where will all the people run google and facebook without windows….Mr.Eric Schmidt

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