HP Design Head talks about the design strategy for touch and Windows 8

HP had a press tour this week where they showed off some of their EliteBook notebooks.

The Elitebook is an elegant aluminum-clad enterprise notebook that boasts rugged features that are tested using military specs.

HP’s notebooks design head Stacy Wolff gives some insight on where HP’s design is going amidst changes in the PC industry with touch computing, tablets, Windows 8, and ultrabooks.

To date, the world’s leading PC-maker, which says it shapes 2 PCs every second, has yet to announce an ultrabook unlike competitors such as Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba to name a few.

The ultrabook category was created by Intel as a means to offer Windows PC-makers a way to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air in an era where netbooks are shunned and tablets are favored. Anticipated pricing is expected to hover around $1,000 and these ultrabooks will utilize Intel’s performance low voltage Core processors.

HP does want to head into the thin and light category, however, and the company is saying that it is experimenting with new materials and construction to make that happen so that the final experience won’t be compromised.

For example, in the near future, HP will be looking at ceramics for use in its notebooks, which not only offers strength, but also a new way for heat to be dissipated.

Here are some videos where Wolff discusses HP’s strategic directio, touch, Notebooks and Windows 8.


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