Google Chrome is coming…

More Chrome OS news.

Speculation is rampant that Chrome is coming real soon..

The following is from Tom’s Guide:

The latest rumored launch date pins Q2 2011 as the prime target, possibly as early as June– just in time to crash Microsoft’s big Windows-8-on-a-tablet coming-out-of-the-closet party.

According to unnamed sources, Google is currently working on retail deals with manufacturers and suppliers. Three companies named to be testing the new OS on a factory level are Acer, Asus, and Samsung, two of which supposedly claim that Google’s platform is an “optimized experience” for netbooks with both 3G and Wi-Fi options.

When Google’s operating system eventually arrives, it will come in two flavors: Chrome OS and Chromium OS. The former is the closed, commercialized version that will only be available to manufacturers for their specific netbooks, notebooks or whatever else they choose to sell with the software installed. However, each device will come packed with a disc containing Chromium OS– the open-source development version of Chrome OS– for installing on any other machine.

Should be fun..

Just a quick reminder about the governing principles behind Google Chrome OS.

  • xinu

    Im super excited about this! Finally well have another competing os, ill stick this on my netbook as soon as its released!

  • Stephen Samuel Netto

    Google have the knack of uncomplicating things, which in a way is far far better than microsoft!!!! only wish that the same interface or GUI was present.

  • User

    Chrome OS is just an expensive web browser.  The only thing Google stressed it speed.  Get Linux and your PC starts fast and you’re on the internet.  Such a simple solution.

  • Sunday

    Chrome OS is just an expensive web browser. The only thing Google stressed it speed. Get Linux and your PC starts fast and you’re on the internet. Such a simple solution.