Google Chrome OS vs. Windows 8

As you may know, recently some Microsoft documents were leaked that showed some of the very preliminary development discussions for Windows 8. Some of the things discussed were facial recognition software, sleeker and faster operating system, Bluetooth support etc.

The whole discussion made me think about exactly what the next evolutionary step for an OS should be.

Most people use the PC for 3 basic things:

  1. Browse the web
  2. Send emails
  3. Use programs in MS Office

In light of this, I believe that the following are the requirements both Google and Microsoft need to be paying attention to:

  • Cloud based OS: We need to be able to log into a cloud based account at login (at least as an option)
  • Obviously, the cloud session should comprise of a browser based (obviously) browser, desktop, and office type apps.
  • The cloud based desktop needs to be tied to our email address and password (Should be the same at each session)
  • Storage on demand: We should be able to rent just as much storage as we need in the cloud. No more and no less.
  • Printing from the cloud: I should be able to print my document from whatever printer I am connected to or have a connection and authentication to.

Basically, keep it simple.

A whole lot of people would be happy with a very simplistic virtual desktop where they could browse the web, open and edit their documents and send email.

I believe a lot of the fancy stuff they want to do that is focused on the traditional desktop is a waste of time, energy and intellectual capital. The desktop is maxed out now, we need a new paradigm.

I believe that this equation is so simple that both Apple and Google have an opportunity to steal the desktop crown away from Microsoft. If Microsoft continue to focus on the traditional desktop, they will be caught napping by Chrome OS or other smarter vendors

It all comes down to execution.

  • michelsmith

    Great article… and I agree. Google is creating Chrome OS to water down the client market. Right now if you write a windows app you’re assured millions of users. But if the number of platforms greatly increase (and Mac/Linux/Smartphones have already started doing a job on it) then no single platform will have millions of users except the web. Developers are going to be driven to write web-based apps so they can reach the largest set of customers, which is exactly what google wants.

  • Krishnaverma

    A very nice article that should ring alarms for Microsoft. No doubt the decision of Google to launch an operating system that focuses mainly for internet use should be taken seriously by Microsoft and ensure incorporation of faster web access features in Windows 8

  • xinu

    Personally I dont think were ready to move to the cloud, the transition will have to occur slower, maybe with the release of windows 9. There certainly still is a market for non cloud based operation systems.