Oh, come on, Mr. Schmidt! The current chairman of Google wrote a very lengthy blog post recently, where, among other things, he revealed that Amazon is their biggest search competitor.

Not Bing or Yahoo, or even (potentially) Facebook.

Eric Schmidt used the occasion to argue that Google is not a monopoly in Europe. He was obviously referring to the ongoing investigation the search engine giant is currently subject to in the Old Continent. Along the way, he shared his insights on the state of the technology industry.

In particular, how newcomers can disrupt established companies:

“History has proven that size and past success are no guarantee for the future. Great companies can be surpassed swiftly. Look at Yahoo, Nokia, Microsoft, Blackberry and others who seemed unrivaled just a few years ago, but were disrupted by a new wave of tech companies, Google among them.

Many of you are skeptical. I get that. You look at Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon and say there’s no way competitors can beat them. I’m less certain.”

Obviously, this is not the first time we’ve heard the man put down Microsoft.

Even with the Bing search engine steadily making inroads, increasing market share, and being integrated into various Microsoft operating platform, and the search service getting new features regularly, Google seems to think that the threat is coming from somewhere else.

Is it, really?

Have your say on this in the comments.

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  1. What else would he say. I guess he wants to prove that he can say things just as stupid as people at Apple say. He’s just lucky Bing outside of the U.S. doesn’t measure up to the quality of the U.S. version

    • Nope! Msft propaganda machine is not doing enough to fool people; if they can get into that gear even apple product will be ‘perceived’ as forbidden

  2. Of course it’s not MS. With what, Bing? Bing is the punchline to a joke, and when was the last time Yahoo was relevant? The late 90’s?

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