Google Docs Provides A Suboptimal Experience, Microsoft Believes

Although the launch of Office for Android is now just a formality, with voices that Microsoft is deep into development of this flavor of its productivity suite, Google has been working to boost the adoption of its own suite of productivity apps.

The search engine giant extended the reach of its solution by launching standalone versions of Docs and Sheets apps on iOS and Android, merely a month after Microsoft launched Office for iPad.

But Microsoft is not holding back negative criticism of what Google has to offer, at least in comparison of what Office brings to the table.

In a recent post on the Office blog, the company said:

“Why settle for a suboptimal experience using Google Docs, Sheets and Slides when Office provides you the best experience available with the modern Office experience on PC and iPad already. Office will be available on other platforms soon. These Office experiences will continue to make collaborating across devices easier, richer and more complete than ever.”

The company believes that Office is far superior for collaboration across multiple devices, and the primary reason for this is the familiarity of Office, which makes it easier for users to find the features and functions that they need.

Another very big plus is the file fidelity that ensures that documents always look the same, no matter which device they are opened on.

Valid explanations, but all things considered Google Docs is still a few leagues away from the familiarity and fluency of Office applications. And the only way to ensure this is to launch true touch optimized versions of Office for all platforms, as soon as possible.

  • Ray C

    It’s the truth