Google releases initial Chrome Browser for Windows 8 Metro

Google have released a version of Chrome for Windows 8 Metro and they seem to have done it their way.

Most bloggers agree that Google pretty much ignored all the Metro design recommendations and have done it their way.

To get access to Metro-style Chrome on Windows 8, you have to subscribe to the Chrome Dev channel for Windows and download the latest version (21.0.1171.0). Once you have Chrome as your default browser and pinned to the Win 8 Start screen, you’re good to go.

What’s been interesting to watch has been the mixed reactions to it.


Google has released its first attempt at making its popular Chrome browser work with Windows 8′s Metro-style design aesthetic, and because the app ignores some of Microsoft’s Metro mandates, it’s actually quite good.


Windows 8 designers will probably be annoyed by this deviation from what a Metro app is supposed to be. Chrome fans, however, might not care. The new Chrome has a multi-tabbed interface and looks sufficiently like its desktop counterpart that it’s likely to win a big thumbs up precisely because it’s not Metro-ized.

It looks really good to me and every tech person who decides to run Windows 8 will head for Chrome immediately.

Google can’t really lose.

  • NazmusLabs

    Don’t get your hopes up. Google said they will update the user interface in future releases. This is just a port, so the UI just carried over. Expect to see it metroized and be dissapointed.

  • techblogger

    Doesn’t matter. I will probably not use chrome at all. I will use Firefox when it drops but no google.