Back in march, Google started to work on its metro styled chrome browser for Windows 8.

Now it has revealed a screenshot along with some info on the Chromium Blog.

According to Google, the browser will be available for users in the next dev channel release by setting the browser as your default one.
Google has managed to keep the famous look of chrome live, even in the Windows 8 metro version.

It has tabs on the top of the screen with simple unified address bar and a settings(Wrench) button. It looks more or less the same like its desktop version.

Google also said that the initial release of Chrome in Metro mode will include integration with basic Windows 8 system functionality, such as charms and snap view.

In the upcoming months, they will be smoothing out the UI and will improve the touch support of the browser.

So, Will you be trying out the Metro version of Chrome?

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  • Ezekiel Carsella

    This looks awesome!!

  • The_Norseman

    Definitely. The Metro version of IE is beautiful and I’ve been pining for a Chrome version because currently Chrome sucks under Win 8. But I love it under earlier versions of Windows. The main reason is the syncing. I know IE has syncing now too but it’s too late for me, I already have hundreds of things syncing through Chrome and it’s going to be too much work to transfer everything to IE.