Even if you are one of the more innovative technology companies around, sustained competition from something as popular and established as Windows is not to be taken lightly.

Google is a clear market leader when it comes to Android, but the search engine giant is fearing that dual OS tablets will do more harm than good to its mobile platform — so much so that it has made it clear that it will no longer back up such endeavors.

This report (yeah, I know) puts forward this theory that has been whispered before.

Back at CES 2014 Intel and ASUS showed off a dual boot tablet, capable of running both Windows and Android, and going by the name of Transformer Book Duet.

In usual circumstances, a couple of months are more than enough for a device of this type to start making its way to store shelves. But as things stands, a shadow has fallen over this interesting (and anticipated) product, with many online retail outlets removing their listing of this slate.

Now there is word that ASUS has been forced to postpone the release of this tablet altogether due to pressure from Google, as the search engine giant believes such a product will hurt it in the long run.

Fact is that even Microsoft does not have all that much to gain from a tablet like this — the real beneficiary here is Intel and that is one reason why the chip giant was actively pushing for a device like this. Processors based on its x86 architecture are capable of running both Windows and Android.

Anyway, nothing is written in stone right now, and things might chance with the passing of the season. If not ASUS, then some other vendor might try an adventure like this.

To what results, only time will tell.

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  1. As long as Windows and Windows Phone push Google out a little bit or get in front of Android users, I don’t care how they do it

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