Google And Samsung Said To Be Concerned With The Microsoft Nokia Deal

Redmond is still waiting on the regulatory approval for the Nokia takeover from some countries and it seems that the company might have to wait a little extra while to close it.

There is trouble brewing in China — if some direct competitors have their way, that is.

Bloomberg is reporting that representatives from Google and Samsung are currently in discussion with the Chinese government about their concerns that a deal like this could potentially lead to higher patent licensing fees.

Officials from the two technology giants have contacted China’s Ministry of Commerce and asked for conditions on the deal to ensure that patents that are to remain with Nokia (or what’s left of it after the buyout) will not be sold at a higher price.

Additionally they want to make sure Microsoft will not abuse on the technologies it gets from Nokia.

The $7.54 billion deal between Microsoft and Nokia was made official in September 2013. Redmond has already received approvals from a few of the larger regulatory bodies including the European Union that cleared the deal in December last year.

Nevertheless, the Chinese government is expected to do the same in the next couple of weeks, despite these concerns from Google, Samsung and other local manufactures.

  • JohnCz

    You think the timing of these so-called “concerns” is a little suspect? They are just being a-holes.

  • Ray C

    Google needs to mind their business

  • Rodney Longoria

    I wonder if these same discussions were taking place in China when Google bought Motorola or when Lenovo recently bought Motorola from Google?


    • Ray C

      I agree