Like Windows 8 but prefer Google Search over Bing? If so, rejoice- Google has release an app that you are going to love.

The new Google Search app for Windows 8 allows you to use Google search from within the charm’s search option. It also offers text and image searches. While this app is just about searching, it does offer links to other online Google web services such as Gmail, Google+ and YouTube.

Probably the oddest thing about Google Search is that it is only for Windows 8. What do I mean by that? Under details it says it only works with x86 and x64 processors, this means no ARM and therefore no Windows RT support.

So far the vast majority (almost all actually) of apps in the Windows Store are compatible with both RT and Windows 8. It is unclear whether this is only short term or if Google really has no plans to offer this for RT users.

Google Search is the first app from Google for Windows 8, except for the Chrome Beta that is. It is still unclear if we will see more Google apps on Windows 8 or not but it won’t be surprising to see a YouTube app or even a variant of Google Maps.

While I personally like Bing in many ways over Google, the addition of Google Search could be seen as a major plus for many Windows 8 users. What do you think, interested in switching to this or will you continue to use Bing?

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