The age of wearable computing starts now. While smartwatches from various vendors have been available for a couple of years now, we finally have a big entrant in the field.

And no, Samsung does not count — Galaxy Gear is much too unrefined a product.

Google has officially unveiled Android Wear, a version of its operating system custom designed for wearable devices. The first flavor is targeted for smartwatches, and along with announcing a number of features, the company has released a video that shows off the interface.

Take a look at the clip below:

And here is another one, with more of a focus on developers:

Fitness, obviously, is the key feature here. Google brings information like speed, distance and time every time a user runs, cycles or walks, in real time. Another important element is the integration of Google Now in these watches.

Users will get automatic and passive reminders to their smartwatches, and these devices will also connect to Android smartphones and bring all notifications from apps installed on the handset.

The search engine giant, however, is not alone in this interesting new field.

Both Microsoft and Apple are said to be working on similarly innovative projects, with many voices suggesting that the two companies will unveil their own solutions before the year is out.

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  1. I wonder if MIcrosoft or Apple see this as a necessity. To me, this is just too much technology and doesn’t do enough to make me want to buy it at this point. It looks cool, but is it really necessary?

  2. This looks awesome in the commercials, but how does it work and what all does it do? These are the questions that need to be answered. Is it really practical to have a phone attached to your wrist? I’d rather have it in my pocket as it is now.

  3. I’m afraid this is a market that’s not worth pursuing at this point. Google will dominate it, and I’m not sure how big of a market it’ll be. I guess we will find out in the near future.

  4. Just another way for google to deliver those annoying ads!

  5. Bill Franklin / March 18, 2014 at 3:01 pm /Reply

    This looks awesome! I cannot lie about that. This may be the thing needed to save watches now that everyone has phones to see the time anyway! haha

  6. This looks amazing! However, I hate the feeling of having something on my wrist, so I doubt I’d invest in this.

  7. Slightly freaky that Google can control your garage door!

    • It is indeed.

      But then again, I’ve always wanted a wristwatch that showed me the current weather and temperature in my area in a bigger font than the time, so there’s that. 🙂

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