Just when nobody expected it, Microsoft releases a new Windows 10 Mobile feature. The software titan says that they heard the very passionate feedback from the community.

Which are pretty much just hardcore users sticking around these days, what with the mobile OS having lost all its momentum, market and mind share.

Nevertheless, a new feature is a new feature — even as it comes along when everybody and their grandmothers know it as a fact that Redmond has abandoned its mobile operating system for all practical purposes.

At least, in its current state.

This new feature shipped out to Insiders as part of the Windows 10 Mobile build 15235, and enables a portrait mode orientation for Continuum. This is something that users had been asking for eons, and Microsoft has finally delivered.

This is how it looks:

As you can gauge, this new update makes it possible for users to use Continuum in portrait mode, with the Continuum display now correctly displayed on a monitor or external screen that has a portrait orientation.

This is how the software titan explains it:

“If your phone is connected to a monitor via cable, your phone will ask you to disconnect and reconnect the cable to the external display and press ok to change the orientation to portrait. If your phone is connected to a monitor via Wi-Fi, your phone will ask you to disconnect and reconnect to your wireless display.”

This welcome new feature is only available to Fast ring users of the mobile OS for the time being, but is on track to be released for all users later this year, or whenever the next major update for Windows 10 Mobile sees daylight.

If you’re enrolled in the Windows Insider program, and rocking this build, you can go to the Settings > System > Display section of your smartphone and change the display orientation to Portrait.

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  1. Charles - The Great and Powerf / July 28, 2017 at 2:33 pm /Reply

    Your grandmother is wrong. Window Phone was renamed to Windows 10 Mobile. When tech bloggers wrote Windows Phone is dead, it was a horrible marketing nightmare. But significant investments are made by New York Police and Hamburg Germany Police in Windows 10 Mobile and its obviously continuing. The deal with Nokia is over, but who cares. PS – Your Grandmother is wrong.

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