Sending and recieving mail is something almost every PC user does. So, with Windows 8, Microsoft shipped a mail app which could make managing your emails easier.

The Mail app has been designed to be fast, fluid and immersive.

It shows live tiles on your start screen so that you can know which mails you have received during the last time you opened your mail.

Also in the Windows 8 Release Preview, Microsoft changed the color of mail app from green to blue, making it look more beautiful than ever before.

Sending and reading mail is easier than ever before. You can reply to any email from the mail app itself. So, No need to open the browser.

Also you can add multiple email accounts in the mail app. Presently, Only Microsoft’s Hotmail, Gmail and Exchange accounts are supported in the mail app in the Windows 8 Release preview, but we expect to see support for more mail providers in the future.

If you just installed Windows 8 and are wondering how you can add your email account in the mail app, Don’t worry.

Just follow the steps given in the video. I have shown adding Hotmail account in the video but in the same way you can also add Gmail or Exchange account.

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