Microsoft has often boasted how IE10 is the fastest and safest version of Internet Explorer it has released so far, outlining the features that make its in-house browser one of the most secure around.

But safest in this case does not mean it is without any vulnerability.

If anything, hacking Internet Explorer 10 is not such a tough challenge after all. Hackers at this year’s Pwn2Own have exploited two flaws in the browser, using which they managed to break into Windows 8 computers.

French security VUPEN said in a tweet that hacking a Windows 8 machine was not such a difficult task:

“We’ve pwned MS Surface Pro with two IE10 zero-days to achieve a full Windows 8 compromise with sandbox bypass.”

Can’t argue with a word like pwned!

Oh, and if you were wondering, Chrome, Firefox 19 and Java also went down in the first day of the competition, which isn’t surprising considering the large amounts of money that is being offered.

In another tweet he said that all the techniques used at the competition have been forwarded to the software vendors to help them:

“ALL our 0days & techniques used at #Pwn2own have been reported to affected software vendors to allow them issue patches and protect users.”

Microsoft is yet to release an official statement on this new development, but the good thing is that the software titan could put the new information provided by hackers to further strengthen its products and make them more secure.

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