Has Windows 9 development begun?

The blogs have already started the long hike down the road to Windows 9.

Interesting news from my buddy Stephen Chapman who seems to be back in the saddle writing about Windows development again.

He has started to see signs of the codename Windows 9 out and about.

In a new blog post he has out on his blog, he talks about some of the new references to Windows 9 he has seen online.

An excerpt:

Next, a software development engineer (SDE) mentions Windows 9 in his profile with a position start date of June 2012:

Additionally, a senior product manager has Windows 9 listed alongside Windows 8 as a skill in his profile:

The plot does thicken as Mary Jo Foley is not yet convinced.

In her piece today, she talks about a potential patch or feature update called Blue that might appear next year.

Not sure either way but you can look for more Windows 9 news on Windows9update.com

  • siddharthbandhu

    I’ve run out of ideas.

    Windows 8 looks great itself. What will Microsoft now do?

    • Rbw7456

      Maybe do it right this time.

    • Superade

      My guess it will be what Windows 7 was to Vista… The finished product.

    • darkpr0fit

      Maybe listen to the people evaluating their products. Wouldn’t that be a fist.

  • Sbates1712

    well as its been said before wand will be said again they should start listening to the people who test for them and change for the better