It seems like Windows 8 literally can’t come out fast enough.

A few weeks ago, the Google Nexus 7 tablet was out introduced to the market as a competitor to the Kindle Fire.

Now, the New York Times is publishing some very interesting news about Amazon and Apple.

Going Up

Apparently, Amazon is working on a new version of the Kindle Fire, with a larger display, that could compete more directly with the iPad.

They could be moving up to the 10.1 inch space. Analysts also believe that Amazon is updating the Kindle Fire.

Going Down

Apple is now rumored to be developing a new tablet with a 7.85-inch screen.

This version is likely to sell for significantly less than the latest $499 iPad, with its 9.7-inch display. Confidential sources say that the product is expected to be announced this year.

Where does Microsoft fit in?

Based on all the airplanes flying in crowded airspace, is there room for Microsoft tablets?

You have the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and now Apple fighting for the 0 to $300 space.

From $300 to $500 will probably be a Google, Apple and now maybe Amazon battle.

It seems that Microsoft will be in the higher-than-$499 space but the real question is, will consumers care?

Will they be looking to go past all the choices we talked about and move to $600, $700 and above just to get a “Windows Tablet”?

What do you think?

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  • Will Brown

    Microsoft needs to get into the 7″ tablet space. They are the only ones who haven’t yet if you are to believe the rumors that Apple is building one.

  • Nazmus Khandaker

    I am a customer, and I care. I will get a Windows 8 tablet simply because I love metro and the fact that Windows 8 will be the only OS that is as powerful as a desktop OS and as mobile as a mobile OS. No other OS even comes clse. That alone is worth buying Windows 8 talet for.

  • Rex

    The important thing to look at is what role tablets fill. Several years ago, laptops were selling like crazy as families were moving from one computer per household to individual users all having their own. No matter how you try, iPads can not fill most household needs for a computer. Without iTunes, iPads are crippled. So each family still needs at least one full computer, but not everyone needs a laptop. Tablets fill this space much better. They are more portable, and in general less expensive than laptops. So where are we in the conversion? Expect laptop sales to drop to the levels of desktops of a few years ago, as they are not replaced, and tablets take their place. I expect tablets to grow as schools make more and more use of them and parents feel each child needs their own. So the market for tablets is actually larger than that even of laptops in the last wave of sales. Apple will likely to continue being a major leader. Android will not be what most parents want their kid using. Therefore, I see a large market that Apple can not fill completely that MS can easily exploit. When parent hear they can control their childs useage of MS tablets, they will sell like firecrackers. That is my opinion.

    • Coker

      Check your facts. If the iPad has iOS 5 and above installed on it, iTunes is not needed. The iPad can update and backup itself without the use of iTunes.

      • Rex

        Well, thanks for the correction. It is a good change. My old 3G will forever be hobbled by this weekness. However, I still dont think it changes much nor refutes my overall opinion. Very few families will completely replace all full computers with tablets. iOS and Android are still just not able to cut it. Windows RT, also not likely, but Windows 8 will allow for greater integration across all devices.

  • 123321

    well, the ipad is agreat device. the google nexus and the kindle fire as well. but WHY do i need those devices? what cannot be done by my phone, what these tablets can do?
    looking forward to seeing microsoft surface and windows 8 being on the market, because this is what tablets should be: mobile computing without any compromises.

  • xinu

    here is where I think Microsoft has done wrong and apple and google did right. They created fantastic ecosystems. Its all about ecosystems. The iPhone, iPad are probably not the best devices (some would argue) but they all have great content and ecosystems. When Vista launched I decided to make this ecosystem switch and moved to apple, and now that I have spend money on Mac and iOS apps, am using iCloud, and all my devices work seamlessly together I see nothing compelling to move. It would take something very revolutionary for me to abandon the ecosystem in which I live, as a move now would be more painful and hard work than ever before, and will become more painful as people get more locked in those ecosystems. Microsoft missed out big time, and their only hope now is to get all the late adopters to choose Microsoft, either out of loyalty, or because they are scared of trying something new.

    People have voted with their wallets, and obviously Microsoft is loosing, so they better step their game up as Windows 8 is sending mixed messages, but we cant really tell until it launches (and probably 1 year after that) before we can really assess their situation.

    Before anyone calls me an apple fanboy, its not about the brand, its about the service and quality of the ecosystems (apps etc) that attracts people and hardware often comes second).