It goes without saying that ever since Microsoft officially confirmed its development, Outlook 2013 RT has undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated apps for the Windows RT platform.

Even though the software titan has only confirmed that the ARM powered version of the popular email client will launch on Windows RT tablets soon, it has not provided any other details.

Enter Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite to the rescue.

The famous Microsoft watcher says that he received a test version of the app to determine how it affects the battery life and performance of a Windows RT tablet. Lucky guy!

He was, however, courteous enough to share a bunch of screenshots.

On first look it appears that the overall design is quite similar to the x86 version of the desktop email client. Outlook 2013 RT is obviously part of a larger ARM-based Office package that also includes applications like Publisher, Access, InfoPath and SkyDrive Pro.

Microsoft has obviously not yet commented on the possibility of seeing these apps making their debuts on Windows RT, but there is a fair chance that the software titan is considering such a plan.

More information on Outlook 2013 RT will surely be provided on June 26 at the BUILD developer conference. It will be interesting whether Redmond has anything special planned for the RT version of its popular email client or it is going to be a direct port. We shall know soon enough.

In the meantime, however, you can take a look at the bunch of screenshots at the link above and share your thoughts on how you see things are shaping up using the comment box below.

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