Windows Phone users that have, very patiently, waited for the first real update to their mobile operating system are probably elated to hear that Windows Phone 8.1 is finally rolling out.

At least, for owners of Lumia handsets, if not all compatible devices.

Microsoft made the announcement on the official Nokia Conversations blog, detailing some of the big new features that are now available on top of Windows Phone 8.1 for owners of Lumia devices. Users that get the notification will be treated to a cluster of new features and options.

These include a third column of customized Live Tiles, Start Screen backgrounds, Action Center, WiFi Sense, the popular Word Flow keyboard, as well as improvements to the People hub.

Cortana, the digital voice assistant is also part of the update, at least for users in the United States.

An updated Internet Explorer 11 also arrives with faster, more intuitive web browsing capabilities. A new Device Search option is also available. But these are some of the enhancements that are part of Windows Phone 8.1 proper.

Exclusive features for Lumia owners that are part of the Lumia Cyan update include refreshes to Nokia Camera, Storyteller and Creative Studio.

More imaging improvements include full resolution zooming and reframing as part of the Creative Studio 6 app that is set to become available in the Windows Phone Store soon.

Several new enterprise features will now also be available on smartphones, including the option to send digitally signed and encrypted emails to people outside an organization, along with the ability to access a company’s virtual private network.

You can take a look at a few other features that arrive with Lumia Cyan here.

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  • Leonard

    Always been a Lumia fan. These updates to the cyan seem like some excellent improvements. A very very worthy update in my view. I want to get my hands on this phone soon.