Last week we covered how a few users were experiencing overheating issues with their Surface Pro tablets, whereby the slates got extremely hot when running specific apps, games in particular.

The issue was brought up on the official Microsoft Support forums.

Now the company has decided to present the normal working temperatures for its flagship Windows 8 tablet, while also confirming that those experiencing higher spikes can exchange their device.

Good old Steven_B, the forum moderator over at the site, and a member of the Surface team confirmed that the temperatures should reach 37 degrees Celsius on cold boot and running on battery, and should go up to 44 degrees Celsius with the charged plugged in.

“If the temperature issue is really bothering you, you can exchange the Surface Pro and see if you experience the same issue with a different one”.

Bothering, he said!

Surface Pro, powerful as it is uses standard PC components, almost exclusively. Higher working temperatures, at least compared to Surface RT tablets, are to be expected.

Luckily, the issue is not rampant, and only a few odd devices have been verified to reach these temperature highs. Nevertheless, expect owners of such tablets to rush to their nearest Microsoft Stores to exchange them out.

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  1. mine usually runs at 50C and if i run games itll hit ab 75C. seems like thats normal so i dont plan on trading it in.

  2. I actually got the thermometer after leaving my surface in the car overnight and trying to boot it cold. It was literally too cold to boot. I am curious what the bottom end operating temperature is.

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