Steven Sinofsky parted ways with Microsoft back in November. The leader of the Windows 8 development team caused quite a stir in the technology world when he left Redmond, as it was just a few weeks after the launch of the company’s latest operating system.

The details of this high-profile exit have been of interest ever since.

While the exact reason is still unknown, Microsoft did release the details of Sinofsky’s retirement package to the federal government in a recent filing.

And one of the provisions for the former Windows boss, if he wanted to get his full retirement package worth $14.2 million, was that he could not take any job offers at certain competitors until after December 31, 2013.

However, that filing did not specifically list those certain competitors.

Earlier today Microsoft made a new filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and this one actually lists the seven rival companies that Sinofsky cannot work for until next year — Amazon, Apple, EMC, Facebook, Google, Oracle, and VMWare round up the list.

Apple and Google are plain obvious, and the remaining rivals make sense as they are direct and heavy competitors to Microsoft in several different technology markets, it is interesting to see Facebook on the list. The social network is, in many ways, not exactly a direct competitor to Redmond.

In fact, Microsoft has a modest investment in the social giant, and the two companies are close partners in a number of fields, most notably the Facebook integration with Bing search results.

Also of particular note are the names of the companies missing from the list.

In other words, Microsoft is seemingly okay if Sinofsky works for BlackBerry, Mozilla or Twitter, even before he has been off the job for less than a year.

Steven Sinofsky, for his part, does not seem too overly keen to return to a full time job in a hurry.

Since leaving Microsoft, the senior executive has divided his time teaching at Harvard and tending to his blog (Learning by Shipping) where he talks in detail about how to manage the release of technology themed products.

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