For better or for worse (usually the latter), Microsoft has made a bit of a habit of releasing botched or faulty updates on its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle.

Now whether this is because of the increasing complexity of modern software, or the fact that the technology titan has a fast and furious window of around a month during which it has to develop, test and release these updates, is up for debate.

But earlier today the company released Patch Tuesday updates for the month of September, and as has been the case for the past couple of months, a few botched updates slipped by.

These faulty updates are said to be causing trouble for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Even Windows 8.1 users are reporting a few issues.

However, if you have installed one of the botched updates, the one that goes by the name of KB2670838, then you may be in luck. This particular update is said to be incompatible with some video drivers, and community moderators on Microsoft’s official forums are now suggesting a workaround.

According to a brief post by Susan Bradley in the thread, users should download the latest drivers for their graphic cards to remedy the situation:

“A resolution for KB2670838 has been found – you need to ensure that you have up to date video drivers on your system. Are you still seeing issues after getting the latest video card driver on your system?”

Bear in mind that this is just an unofficial fix for now, even if this workaround comes from the company’s official support forums. Microsoft is expected to provide some official pointers on how to deal with the situation very soon.

In the meantime, it is best if you stay away from these faulty updates, and wait for the company to provide official fixes for these before installing them on your systems or company network.

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  • Mike Greenway

    You don’t display enough information to statistically predict a trend. Mistakes do happen (rarely), this could just be coincidence. How does this compare with past years? What correlation do you see that ties it to the “modern” software? Doom and gloom, I glad you’re not predicting the weather.


    Guys i have a problem. i put win 8.1 but i cannot find a way to know how that update is named in windows 8 so to remove it. This update was also automatically installed when you installed IE10 in windows 7. I have a terratec TV tuner and doesnt work any more. Any ideas?