It’s quite ironic to think that the vanilla Windows 8 even lacked a dedicated clock tile for the Start Screen. Maybe Microsoft wanted to leave this feature to third-party app developers.

And yes, as of this writing, several clock apps are available on the Windows Store, each providing a different set of functionality and design choices.

But as far as Microsoft is concerned, it seem that the software titan now want to make up for the lack of this feature — along with many new changes in Windows 8.1, the company is also planning to introduce  shiny new app that would allow users to set up alarms using the Metro UI.

We have already seen a few screenshots that gave us our first look at this new feature.

Now with the confirmation of Windows 8.1 build 9388, a couple of new images have surfaced that provides another glimpse at this brand new app. It comes with three different features — alarm, timer and stopwatch — all of them self-explanatory.

The purpose of each feature of this app is plain obvious, this new image shows the interface of the application, and confirm that Microsoft wants to call this new app simply, “Alarms”.

This is still an early build of Windows Blue, meaning there is a fair chance that Microsoft will further enhance and improve this app ahead of the launch of the public beta of the operating system in June.

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  • Rumin8

    I have used alarm apps in the Windows Store that all suffer the same problem that they use the notification system and thereby can only produce feeble beeps that are of no use for an alarm clock. I hope something has changed so that it is possible to produce sounds like on my Android tablet that would wake the dead from their slumbers.