Here Is The Menu That Manages The Boot To Desktop Setting In Windows 8.1

We already know that Windows 8.1 will come with options that allow users to boot directly to the desktop and thereby skip the Start screen completely if they want to.

A recent image reveals these settings in full that are bundled in the navigation tab.

This screenshot above shows the Boot to Desktop option in Windows 8.1 along with other settings.

As you can see it will also allow users to disable Charms and the app switchers. Enabling the desktop wallpaper to be configured as the Start screen background can also be done from this panel.

Along with all this, the new operating system can also displays the Apps view automatically when users launch the Start screen — and this is a pretty handy option for those that still live and breathe desktop, while only bringing the modern Start screen into play when they want to launch an application.

This option also includes a dedicated option to list desktop software first in this particular mode.

All this new settings will surely prove to be helpful and useful for many Windows 8.1 users. Full details on these and other enhancements are likely to be unveiled in just a couple of weeks at the BUILD developer conference set to take place in San Francisco later this month.

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