Smack on target, the Nokia X2 was officially introduced earlier today. And this newest member of the company’s Android family comes with several improvements, both on the hardware and software sides.

Hardware specifications have already been covered here, and the most notable enhancements is the addition of a dedicated Home button, to go with a faster processor and double the amount of RAM.

Equally interesting are the software offerings.

The Nokia X2 comes with visual multitasking, along with a pull down notifications tab that allows access to various connectivity options and actionable items.

Preloaded apps include Skype, OneDrive and, but many more are available via the Nokia Store including Bing Search. In terms of new services, though, this handset brings a couple of fresh additions that were missing from previous devices in this line.

And that are, OneNote and Yammer — essentially, more Microsoft goodness.

Users will be able to create notes and save them to the cloud with the former app, while the latter allows easy social collaboration with people.

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  1. So is this a planned collaboration between Microsoft (Nokia) and Android? It sure seems that way. It looks like a solid phone though.

  2. All the preloaded apps are some of Microsoft’s best. I’m liking what I’m reading on the X2. Nice looking hardware too.

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