Good grief.

Talk about crying wolf!

The Verge is reporting that:

Microsoft is busy preparing its next-generation Windows client, shortly after shipping Windows 8 in October. The Verge has learned from several sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans that the company is planning to standardize on an approach, codenamed Blue, across Windows and Windows Phone in an effort to provide more regular updates to consumers.

Originally unveiled by ZDNet, the update on the Windows side, due in mid-2013, will include UI changes and alterations to the entire platform and pricing. We’re told that Microsoft is aiming to make Windows Blue the next OS that everyone installs. The approach is simple, Microsoft will price its next Windows release at a low cost or even free to ensure users upgrade.

Once Windows Blue is released, the Windows SDK will be updated to support the new release and Microsoft will stop accepting apps that are built specifically for Windows 8, pushing developers to create apps for Blue. Windows 8 apps will continue to run on Blue despite the planned SDK changes.

Tell me this nightmare has an ending.

So, let me get this straight.

  • Windows 8 has been challenging to sell to developers because they have been wondering whether it’s worth it to develop for this platform.
  • Windows 8 has been challenging to sell to consumers because they have been slow to adopt the new Modern UI interface.

Now Microsoft seem to be saying that they want to pull off yet another set of UI changes and updates and force encourage users to upgrade yet again after they just did in October?

Who exactly thinks this is a good idea?

  • If you’re a developer, I have to believe this freezes you in place until you know what next to expect.
  • If you’re a consumer, I have to believe this freezes you in place until you know what next to expect.
  • If you’re a business, you were probably frozen anyway.

It begs the obvious question – why wasn’t this built into Windows 8 from the very beginning?

Why have consumer expectations been so badly managed?

It seems obvious to me that unless there is some immediate clarification from Microsoft about the EXACT implications of these new “updates”, developers and consumers will probably want to just sit tight.

The absolute best case scenario here will be that “Blue” will just be a service pack and will have NO BRANDING of any kind.

It should be seamless and apply to Windows 8 and require very little from consumers.

If the whole thing is one large intrusive update that consumers have to try and understand (remember RT, Windows 8?), let’s just pack up and go home.

Microsoft will be asking a whole lot of consumers to have to start dealing with yet another OS paradigm.

Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows Blue in one calendar year?

I think people will decide to stick with Windows 7 or OSX instead.

That’s my take, what say you?

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Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  1. This is absolute horseshit.

    I think these fuckers don’t have a clue about what they’re doing…

  2. Total Codswallop. What planet are they on!!!!

  3. As if Apple never updates? Every update to the OS X is a payed update, a small amount but it cost to have the upgrade. Why wouldn’t Microsoft do the same, keeping consistent with the UI and adding new functionality and performance. In the long run it will benefit customers and corporate users. Do you know what it cost to train people in an organization every time a complete new OS is launched? I am happy they decided to stay within the new UI at last. It’s necessary to adapt to a changing world for business success. and that’s exactly Microsoft is doing.

    • Yeah and each time corporations have to upgrade hardware, re-train their employees, all this costs time and more money, you know the thing MS doesn’t have a clue over. MS needs to rethink it business model.

    • Um, but the above states “will include UI changes and alterations to the entire platform”. That’s not necessarily saying they’ll stay with the new UI…. Could mean big changes and lots of staff training…AGAIN!!!

      • “Will include UI changes” could be as simple as users getting to decide which view (Metro or the Desktop) will be the default view when booting the computer. Or it could mean the traditional start menu is getting put back into the Desktop view. Or both. “Alterations to the entire platform” could be nothing but under the surface enhancements that users will be mostly unaware of. We don’t know what this will actually include, but I wouldn’t panic over it just yet.

  4. They are like a woman can’t make there mind up

    • If you are going to be sexist please use the correct grammar. ‘There’, indicates a place. Presumably you mean ‘her’ as you are using the singular. Their would apply if you had written in the plural and used women.

  5. I know why not introduce something that really works? Now, what could they call it? I Know, XP!!!!!

  6. KOOL!!!! Bring it on.

  7. Fire Ballmer, and get someone in there who knows what the hell they are doing

  8. and were supposed to follow like little sheep test and produce and in the end they still listen to us what planet is this the blue planet. lol

  9. Hey MS…..

    How about going back to XP and see what you did right, then add in Apps etc to make that sucessful platform even better.

    I bet you would see everybody standing in line to get the new XP-BLUE if you did go that way.

    But, I am only a comsumer and have no say as to what those overpaid idiots at MS now employs, because each developer has his own idea what MS should do and nobody there is working together as a team.

    The only team working is those that know how to screw up a huge corporation and run it in the ground.

    MS—be like walmart—ROLLBACK your platforms to ones that made you a profit.

  10. I don’t see anything wrong with Win8. It is different that is all. I have it on my computer and there is nothing wrong with it. But given the fact that customers are slow to accept it and MS fired the guy in charge of Windows, I expected it. I just hope that Blue doesn’t make the customer blue. I frankly like red better!

    • There is serious problems with Windows 8! I’ve worked on computers for 44 years (since 1968) and I’ve never seen an OS that won’t even run half the DVD drives on desktops, and which claims to be about “Entertainment” and “Fun” and “Functionality” and yet, refuses to provide a way to read CD’s or DVD’s and refuses to provide a simple program (like Media Player) to play movies and such. It’s a gimmick that few people are falling for, and unless they wake up, they deserve to be shut down! They’ve been totally irresponsible in their release of Windows 8, and have obviously planned it around forcing people to meet their “New” hardware needs through Microsoft sponsored hardware products. It’s grand larceny on a global scale, and I’m having no part of it!

      • Because, you know, they only announced a year ago DVD playback will only be supported with an add on since so many devices have no optical player. Apparently after 44 years you didn’t get the memo.

      • What the f are you rambling on about?
        I have Win8 Pro on 3 PCs & Server 2012 on a PC & everything loads & runs fine on all 4 PCs!!! Do not even have the MS Multimedia Add-On!
        And everyone bitching about the Start Button (STILL) just download the “free” open source “Classic Shell” & it is back, and you don’t ever need to see the Windows 8 Start Screen!
        Very Simple! And Windows 8 & Server 2012 are so much faster than their predecessors & better at compatibility on old equipment (my server equipment is over 10 years old & 2 of my Win 8 PCs are over 5 years old, and ubuntu linux has issues with the old equipment that win8 does not; BTW)

  11. We’ll see as it plays out. I don’t like w8 at all / i love the aero.

  12. Once again This is Just rumors,,, wait a bit before, calling Madness…

  13. I have absolutely no problem with the change of UI. I have no issues adjusting any of the new windows and I wonder why is it so difficult for so many people? It’s ok for some, but not for as many as you claim, but yes as a developer I am concerned.

  14. Maybe Blue will address the need for a alternative to UI for desktop (business users). All the same I just hope this is a simple update like SP1 and not another new concept to learn.

    Thinking about it, it must be just an update cause the iso would have leaked by now with just 7 months until mid-2013.

    And I was just on the verge of signing up for a MCSA in Win 8 or Win 2012!! Think I’ll wait to see how this pans out….

  15. Everyone could just install Linux for free.

  16. Aside from developers, who should really care? An update is an update. Unless there are major kernel or API changes they may just be responding to consumer input and wouldn’t that be refreshing? Why do we need a new OS every few years anyway? Why not just update/upgrade the existing code for a minimal, if any charge and keep on truckin’?

  17. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again: Microsoft is their own worst enemy!!! They had so many opportunities with Windows 8 but they blow it each & every time!

  18. Onuora I think you should chill a little bit. This is going to be a new incremental yearly upgrade to bring them inline with Apple in terms of feature releases and version upgrades. They’re not going to start radically altering their product each year it’s just going to be a glorified service pack with a new version number and some feature updates. Why such a panic?

  19. i will go to linux before i am forced to run apple crap through windows if i wanted apple i would buy apple not windows i have never liked apple and never will microsoft is trying to put there selves out of buisness by forcing this crap on people

  20. I think the Verge is wrong about this. It’s my understanding (I was at Microsoft’s New Era of Work Event in Denver yesterday and I asked about Blue) that Microsoft will be releasing annual updates to Windows 8 instead of using service packs as they’ve done before. But unlike service packs, which really did nothing but consolidate the monthly patches, the annual updates will actually include minor changes/updates to the OS. Windows Blue is just the first of those annual updates; not a new version of Windows. (I wouldn’t be surprised to see changes to the Desktop user interface included in it, though.)

    • That would make a LOT more sense to me.

    • yeap looks like they are adopting the xbox approach of mandatory updates every 6 month or so… including sometimes major UI overhaul… I think it is rather smart if they do smart moves because it streamlines the system adoption and version updates… they need to generate as much buzz than they do on the console world if they wanna succeed… if it works out like there gaming section did we’ll finally have a new fun battle between apple and MS to watch….

      my guess it will be mostly free for windows 8 users… maybe with a couple bucks every X year a la apple like 20 bucks or so and same kind of smaller price than in the past for people upgrading from win xp or 7….

  21. Nick I don’t think you have a clue what you’re doing or saying! I’m so bored of you whiny little fags harping on about change! Change is what drives things forwards. Microsoft are gearing up to offer annual feature packs or upgrades if you like to their OS. Stop pissing and moaning and wait and see. Jesus if it wasn’t the crying about metro it’s fear mongering and bitching about something you haven’t seen yet and which Microsoft haven’t announced yet! I started a new business based on Microsoft’s products a year ago and we made a profit in the first year with NO investment! I’m pretty sure a large part of that was down to us not pissing our pants about this stuff, rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck into some of the best Microsoft products to date. Now shut up and find something valid to moan about like why you were born so retarded!

  22. At first I was kind of excited about Windows 8; then I put it on my desktop computer. Two weeks later I removed it, and reinstalled Windows 7. If they make Windows Blue more like Windows 7 but with the speed and such of 8, I’ll be interested. Otherwise, I’ll stick with 7 until it’s unusable and go to Mac computers. This whole “New UI” is stupid! Only a child could want the format and function of Windows 8; after all, all they ever do is text, chat, and play games.

    • I’m 34 years old, do software development and graphics design on Windows 8. I’m fine with the Metro interface, rarely ever see it to be honest and it hasn’t affected my productivity one bit. but apparently I’m a child who only texts, chats and plays games, though.

  23. Tony, ( not happy) / November 30, 2012 at 12:41 am /Reply

    I have to agree with Nick! My problem, & I’m sure there a lot of you out there are in a similar situation, MONEY! I’m with windows, because I CAN’T afford an I-Mac! I had 1 once, I had to sell it, I REALLY hated to! Getting back to what ever the hell Micro. is thinking of? I cannot say I’m nuts about 8, & now a NEW os? Blue, what the hell is goin on, who is runnin Micro.? School kids? On top of all this in Nick’s words ” HORSESHIT”, I had a laptop, I’m selling it, I’m told I cannot take MY edition of wind. 8 pro, ( which I paid $40 for) not a lot of money for some,but still the point is I planned to take that version of 8, & put it on my new computer, after uninstalling it from the l/t, NOOOOOOOOOOO, can’t allow such a thing! WHY, I paid for IT! This stupid thing came w/what ever the version under 8 pro? There is a saying Mac people have, ” once ya go Mac, you’ll never go back!” Sure wish I had kept that I-Mac!

  24. i am not updating im staying with windows 7 professional i like it- its stable and just fine through my experiances with upgrading i have found you are better off to stay with the operating system that was installed on your pc when you purshased it i have had nothing but problems with upgrades not dire ones put problems so stay put with 7 i say unless your impatient with start up times stay put thats my two cents worth guys.

  25. I think there is a lot of gun jumping and assumptions being made here. Are any of these ‘facts’ official?

  26. It’s smart, and here’s why. First off, if you’re a developer and you’re paying attention, it means that if you make an app during any iteration of a Windows version, it will always be compliant. Or rather, Windows will remain backwards compatible as always. Secondly, Microsoft will be able to react faster to the changing needs with more frequent updates. Don’t think of it as Windows 8, 9, and 10, think of it as Windows 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 from here on out. They can do less dramatic more frequent changes now that they’re basically adopting Apples model, and it will be juicier to the consumer because updates will be dirt cheap if not free.
    Gone are the days were Microsoft would dare release a new version of Windows that’s well over 100 bucks and expect that everyone is so much on the hook that they have to pay it eventually. The Apple threat is real and they can’t allow a star struck person, gawking at the OSX’s UI to switch on the spot because the Windows UI is tried, tested, proven, and boring looking.

  27. I agree with Ron Morris and John. If true these are good changes. But alot of gun jumping.

  28. Oh, I’m sticking with Windows 7. Since Bill Gates left…. (that could be another contest..fill in the blank).

  29. One word. UBUNTU!!!!!

  30. Do you people really think that Microsoft would replace Windows 8 so soon? After all the hard work and innovations that they have made to make their visions become reality? Their vision was to have one OS run between a multitude of devices (PC,tablet, and phone), and this is essentially what they are doing. They aren’t replacing Windows 8, they are unifying the Windows 8 ecosystem. This is what they set out to do with Windows 8 in the first place. When the Windows Blue update kicks off you will no longer have to worry about apps working for one device and not the other, because all future apps will be cross compatible and will work on all Windows 8 devices. There will be no more exclusive Windows Phone apps or Windows RT apps, there will only be Windows apps. Also you will be getting timely incremental os updates that will have both security patches and UI changes (similar to Android’s updates).
    This is the right direction for Microsoft to be going in. It’s good for them as a company, and it’s really good for us as consumers. We will no longer be a slave to the Windows device we choose to purchase and will be able to enjoy whatever apps we want on whatever device we choose. I see that this direction Microsoft is taking is all about the consumers benefits.
    I am giving Microsoft very high praises for doing this for us. They are the first company that is going to truly merge their ecosystems into one big platform. This is the future and Microsoft is leading the pack once again in innovation.

  31. Ha Ha Ha LOL Grandma Jeanie is sure glad she stuck with Win 7–no windows MISTAKE here. Maybe they will have PC users in mind by the time Win 9 comes out 🙂 ….2 OSs one for people that like to finger there computors and one for those that dont

  32. This has been Microsoft since the summer of 2003. I’m not really surprised…their press and decisions on things resemble a soap opera. Which is sad, because there’s a lot of smart people in Microsoft. They just can’t duplicate the methodology of Xbox with Windows for some reason.

    • yes but I think that’s what it is right there… mandatory updates are a direct Xbox approach… this has helped streamline the evolution of the system… and if you recall every time they run into people bitching for hours on forums about how the last one was better… then the next one come and if you look back on the first one you realize how dumb you were to think it was better….

      looks to me that win 8 is adopting the same approach and running into the same issue…. bottom line within a few month you won’t have a single PC running windows 7 in most regular stores… so people will come to have a choice either win 8, OSX or a tablet OS…. pretty sure win 8 will catch up then…. and within 3 years win 8 will be the most used OS across the board from smartphone to tablet to pc to consoles… to whatever will run an OS….

      pretty sure that’s what they are looking to do…. and will probably succeed into… people always forget that 80% of the world computers run on MS OS…. even if you had a major shift in consumer behavior (bigger than what apple ever achieved) they would still retain dominance for years to come…..

      well we’ll see but to me looks like we have more good than bad to expect from all that for us customers…

  33. Windows is the best OS right now!!
    and everybody should know that anything that windows is doing is for the benefit of us..

    so don’t criticize windows and just appreciate all that they have done for us and will do for us..

  34. honestly why are people getting their nickers in a twist, win8 is a brilliant intro to a new system and is brilliant to use. The fact that a new one is planned is par for the course. I enjoy my surface and I will enjoy the new one, why do some always want time to stop. Progress people, get used to it. I’m 53 and love when something new comes along. Enjoy and stop whinging.

  35. just have to wait and see! no sense in jumping to conclusions…

  36. Well if this is true, not only people will not buy the most recent windows 8. They will wait next year for the new born…furthermore to me it stinks, I personally think it has to do with the chap they fired a few weeks ago…come on, now its getting worse then Apple with their updates on new models every 6 months….

  37. Think of it as builds and milestones, or minimal increment updates similar to Linux or Mac. For example; 8.1, 8.25, 8.3, 8.4, 8.5, 8.67, 8.75, 8.80, 8.9… Then the beginning of the new year comes for the OS and a slight change to the UI or Kernal to keep design and functionality fresh. Continue on 9.17, 9.22…

    Also if I’m not mistaken Microsoft’s marketing strategy is quite brilliant. Offer free or low priced OS and get everyone on board, update frequently to keep the game changing in their favor. It’s almost like terraforming for the future. A chess game except Microsoft is adopting new rules and concepts and modifying the board as we advance. As multiple pieces on the board a single player is lost in the ever changing landscape. They’re paving the way for a standard unified system across all the fields. This is Microsoft’s attempt at dominating Apple.

    With no true innovation from Jobs (being deceased) his stranglehold is non existent. Jobs was a prankster and a sly fox, he figured how to reinvent the wheel. He put a label on it, made it shiny and sleek, and said it was faster. While nothing drastic the wheel was faster but that’s because he turned the landscape from a flat to a slope.

    On final note though I sense there is a bit of turmoil within the Microsoft corporation. Disagreement on direction on how to approach this change very settle like. A moral standoff if you will. Some want to keep the work honest while others want to put a spin on the OS every which way. This is what the consumers are sensing and I feel the main reason for Sinofsky’s abrupt departure. I’m sure Ballmer has no problem pulling another Gates or Job’s. ….Anything to gain a buck right?

  38. Still i am sticking with my OEM Vista on Laptop. As Vistas Pleasing view is far better than Xp and from there on to blue only change is BLUE.

    Its another way of Microsofts thinking to increase sales in OS.

  39. So you’re writing for a Windows 8/”Windows 9″ website and yet you don’t like Windows 8? Or do you feel that Windows working on a update is so terrible that it will impact buying decisions? I’m confused.

    Look, people EXPECT updates to windows. No one is saying that Windows Blue will be a pay upgrade. In fact, the general consensus and expectation is that Windows Blue will be a service pack plus. Basically, a service pack that includes more UI improvements and added features than they’ve usually done. This won’t impact consumer buying practices. If a consumer is aware of the impending upgrade and is holding off buying until then, well they probably were waiting for the service pack anyway. And that’s what enterprise customers are doing. Most are waiting for the service pack, and they’ll see how it is once the kinks get shaken out. It’s a fine OS at launch, but ANY OS has kinks that never really get cleared up until it has a larger install base. Part of the reason that Windows 8 is so solid (disagreement about the UI philosophy is not the same thing as solidity of code) is that it has been so widely beta-tested. Still, there are remaining kinks and ways that the OS can improve, and we’ll see those with Blue. The fact that Blue might be coming in the May/June time frame is good in and of itself, because it’s faster than the traditional 1 year+ period it usually takes. Add in the UI, stability, and security improvements it promises, and you’ve got a great free upgrade on your hands. I imagine we’ll see more enterprise adoption after Blue. Not a major adoption or anything, but those that have been on Windows 7 for a while now might look to upgrade to 8 either in full or with surface tablets next to Win 7 machines.

  40. I for one don’t get all the negative press regarding how different Windows 8 UI is. To me, the start screen is just a visual way of presenting what used to be under the start menu. If all/most apps are displayed on the start screen, why do I need the desktop? If I were Microsoft, I would dump the desktop and simply present the start page. Anyone used to a tablet can relate and consumers will get used to it. Trying to straddle both is going to kill Microsoft!

  41. Another OS. Yippee….Ballmer should retire. He is losing it.

  42. …it may be that it wont be a bad idea after all..lets just wait and see.If Microsoft was able to release an OS like Windows8,I am sure they have something big in store for us.

  43. Widows 8?. Trying to get more money out of me huh?. I don’t even like Widows 8 or 9. Widows Vista seems to work fine for me. At Nearly $2,500 NZ I don’t think so. Just because I have an older Windows Vista computer doesn’t mean I will be upgrading any time soon. You can stick this Windows 8 or 9 up where the sun don’t shine for what I care. And I don’t give a rats ass as to what you think either.

  44. Widows Blue huh?. Bullshit in my words. More money you are trying to get out of me. You aren’t even getting 1 cent from me. Stick this up where the sun don’t shine for what I care. I don’t give a rats ass as to what you think I am Windows. When you make your own designs instead of copying Apple maybe then I would consider buying this but until then you don’t get a cent from me.

  45. Steve Ballsucker’s Microsoft just sucks.
    He should just quit and coach some kids’ baseball team.

  46. BLUE…. you mean CODE BLUE…. a flat line is coming, once again management is not listening to their consumers……

  47. The article is confusing. At one point it refers to the update approach as being codenamed “Blue,” but then refers to the next version of the OS as “Blue” as well. Which is it? It can’t be both.

  48. you got it. the quesiton is: what EXACTLY is going to be changed. until we dont know that for sure its too early to say sth about that

    • i don’t believe that Microsoft is going to make that major change in the UI which was made from win7 to win8. i suppose there will be some minor changes to improve the user experience…and about the Thing with apps… as far as we know every app build for win8 will run on win blue so whats the matter? there have to be updates and improvements all the time so i don’t think that will be a huge Problem.

      Microsoft prepared their operating Systems for a complete ecosystem which will be improved in win blue i think. thats a very good Thing.

      but we have to wait for Microsoft to say sth official…

  49. Obviously, Microsoft see the consumer’s want and need for something “NEW” and “Exiting.” Windows 8 gave consumers the change they desperately wanted, but really dropped the ball on many of 8’s core apps. I believe this “BLUE” brand, will do what Windows 7 did for the VISTA flop.

  50. I have exactly 0 issues with WIN 8. Very much enjoy touch, faster, and UI. If the price is low as WIN 8 was whats the big deal. Do some think we should have stayed with DOS. It is progress. I used to hate Microsoft (years ago) but since 7 NO PROBLEMS.

  51. aprilfoolsguy / July 20, 2013 at 3:10 am /Reply

    Gmail Blue is still better

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