High Price Of Surface Pro Makes Sense, Says Analyst

Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Surface Pro and Surface RT in a number of countries soon, including important European markets, but the price tag of the devices has raised a few eyebrows.

Surface Pro, in particular, retails at a premium in many markets.

And this hefty price tag has left many wondering whether this is one of the reasons that the tablets are not tearing up the sales charts. But Tim Coulling, a senior analyst at Canalys, is surely not one of them. For him the $999 price tag of the Surface Pro makes total sense.

Talking to The Channel, the analyst explained that the Surface Pro has everything it takes to replace both a traditional notebook and a tablet like the iPad — in other words it’s the best of both worlds:

“It runs on a Windows 8 operating system so there is access to legacy applications and that is why it’s priced higher than the iPad. Microsoft wants customers to pay a premium for a full Windows experience.

The vast majority of business people use an iPad and a notebook, so it will probably be cheaper to have one Surface Pro when they upgrade devices. IT managers will look to replace iPad with Pro because the OS is easier to manage and is familiar.”

It is hard to deny that the overall cost for power users, particularly businesspeople, is actually lower.

The Surface Pro is currently on sale in three markets, the United States, Canada and China. The premiere Windows-based tablet is all set to go on sale across Europe before the end of the month. The 128GB version of the tablet is available in the United States for $899 and the 256GB variant retails for $999.