Dear God!

This is not the image that anyone should get about your company.

The Huffington Post just put out this DEVASTATING article on Microsoft today…

Some quotes

An ongoing survey of over 1,000 Microsoft employees by review website concluded that 50% did not approve of Ballmer’s performance as CEO, even though the company reported record revenue in the 2010 fiscal year.

Like perhaps any major company, Microsoft has also struggled to manage an increasingly enormous and fragmented operation, one with over 88,000 current employees worldwide and five major business units. In the telling of many insiders, internal politics and power struggles have often stifled innovation and thwarted coordinated action.


In an op-ed in the New York Times published earlier this year, a former Microsoft vice-president, Dick Brass described the company as “a dysfunctional corporate culture in which the big established groups are allowed to prey upon emerging teams, belittle their efforts, compete unfairly against them for resources, and over time hector them out of existence.”


“If I were Steve Ballmer, I’d be doubling down on enterprise,” says Foley. “That’s where they’re strongest and that’s where they make their money.”

Microsoft is hardly turning its back on the corporations that have been so good to it for so many years. It has been refining a range of offerings intended to tempt corporate IT departments, such as Azure, a cloud computing service that launched earlier this year and has attracted clients like eBay and the Department of Agriculture, and SharePoint, a line of business software products that has been Microsoft’s fastest-growing ever.

But the giant is clearly gearing up for a major run to recapture the masses–this time, not by dint of its monopolistic grip on the desktop, but by the force and appeal of its innovations, another phrase not frequently uttered in connection with the company back in its halcyon days.

The only certainty is this: Microsoft will be around in a major way if for no other reason than the dollars at play.

“They have more money than God,” says MIT’s Anderson.

A great article and an interesting read for sure.

What do you think about Microsoft?

Do you agree with the article?

About the Author

Onuora Amobi is the Founder and VP of Digital Marketing at Learn About The Web Inc. Onuora has more than a decade of information security, project management and management consulting experience. He has specialized in the management and deployment of large scale ERP client/server systems.

In addition to being a former Microsoft MVP and the founder and editor of, he is the CEO of a Pasadena based online marketing education startup - Learn About The Web Inc. ( and The Redmond Cloud (

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  • Marcus

    I agree with the general sentiments of the article. Very well written…

  • Phil

    It’s pretty obvious that Microsoft have been on the decline for a while…

    Facebook are calling them the underdog? Sheesh… this is a sad day

  • Eduardo

    As a long time user (since 1991) I consider Microsoft products very poor, lots of issues, not user friendly and the customer service is extremely poor. I do not recommend Microsoft products to anyone that can look elsewhere.

  • BigJohnL


  • Nedal

    Thank you for this information

  • Knadoe

    no surprise on any of it.. from the obnoxious experiences i have had with the microsoft corp. lately, they have gone from changing the world and preparing all of us for this wonderous space age thing to showing very pathetically that nickle and diming their way into as much money as possible is the only criteria of what looks now like everybody in the company. too bad. they used to be the best. now there seems to be so much inter-office hatred and compitition that theyve difinately proven they are all very willing to take all of us down with their compition. the obscene way that {whoever} is handling this whole vista vs. 7 thang with the hacking, unsigned preloads of vista, outdated {WAY OUTDATED} certificates, screwed up language codes, etc. etc. etc. etc….. so everybody must go buy 7 as the NEW… or enemy,, is something that is really showing that the whole we need more and better technology is a myth and not even remotely believed by anyone who works for any of these companies…..but hey at least some have figured out ways to make all those debts that go with all those identity thefts go away so only the shadow knows……… ya think anybody who complains is going to have to put up with having hits put out on them and forced to live yet with the terrorists are the evil guys myths…………… i would dearly love to challange anyone who gives a crap about anyof it to do a forensics study of all the preloaded {and not} stuff that sure seems to be being deliberatelly messed up. Unfortunately, nobody gives a crap…. and i sure am sick of having to call india for customer service for all my technology needs…………..

  • Engr. Edwin

    What a wasted effort

  • Don

    absolutely shocked to hear all this stuff about the “GIANT”!!

  • Sirole

    How can the world of desktop computing be any other way, for now? Microsoft will continue its dominance until there is another revolution in hardware or software that alters the technology enough that it evens the playing field in terms of the development needed to bring it to the public. Has it even been imagined yet?

  • Rocketjl

    And do I care what the Post has tried to tell me? The author spouts various points, but that is all. Is the sky falling? What else supports this theory? How does all of this affect me?

  • Mkrajyana

    Thanks Mr. Onuora Amobi, I enjoy reading your articles
    Secondly I like Microsoft as they look-after users & keep struggling with present online threats
    Once my CPU’s use remained 60% busy; I re-loaded my windows as my backup was also affected that time.Earlier too Microsoft listened to my call & helped me through their Action Center
    Thanks to their security updates, I din’t get any malware attack for the last 8 month.

  • Vern111

    I think Microsoft will be around and it’s no different than any other big corp.There is a lot of garbage that should be thrown out.

  • Dave

    They need the money more than God does.

  • Brookfield Freecycle™

    I changed over begrudgingly to “windows” in 1994 because I bought OS2 and realized it would soon become a train wreck.  Anyone in IT knew of the win3.1 shortcomings, but at the same time I built my system for less than 1/4 the cost of Apple’s PowerPC offerings.  Like many I learned to manually-edit .INI files and later amend the registry. 
    When windows 95 came forth “microsoft” merely found a way to hide the
    DOS prompt — many of us didn’t figure that out for several years, but
    there was very little “new.”

    Dave Cutler’s NT engine brought forward profound changes that very few
    hobbyists or businesses could afford or justify.  The money kept pouring
    in regardless of which edition consumers used.  Whether you chose
    DOSwin or NT, the real problems came forth when users installed Trumpet
    Winsock and put their systems on the network.  Viruses no longer moved
    just by BBS and shared diskettes — now they could come right across
    your phone line or Ethernet connection.  Assuming “microsoft” could
    completely cure the problem within windows 8 release, that would in no
    way impact tens of millions of open “windows proxies” all over the
    world.  This is how the vast majority of email spams are transmitted.

    Meanwhile Apple continued to lose market share, but they completely
    rewrote their code, incorporating elements of BSD and Next OS.  They
    lost some devotees of OS9, but they also gained in many market segments
    where buyers wanted OSX’ great reliability and security.  All the while
    MS continued to paste functions and features into their NT engine. 
    Every time they do, new threats and buffer overruns are introduced. 
    win8 has a few enhancements, but is in too many respects the same old
    story all over again.  You don’t get security by adding something on —
    it comes from having a core that’s strong and secure.

    “windows” business side will continue to be strong for at least another
    six years, if only out of inertia — and because so many are opposed to
    change.  But unless MS takes the plunge and starts again from the ground
    up, their revenue will continue its demise.  Once something better
    comes along, and I believe it will, customers will jump ship with
    amazing speed.


  • Daniel Gray one of the Independent Voters

    I would not believe anything I read on the Huff and Puff post just as I dont believe everything I read on RightWing posts either. But to make this worse, they quote the NY Times, a newspaper that by its own statement is a hard left newspaper and has been caught in so many lies that it is just about to be cut lose from its owners to sink or swim on its own. And considering that it has lost well over 70% of its readers since the 1960’s, you can guess that the last words you will hear from this rag is “glub glub” when it closes it’s doors for lack of readership. I mean how far has this paper fallen when every day you see commercials BEGGING people to buy a subscription to it.