Let’s hit the $50 mark and call it quits. Windows tablets have taken another rather interesting turn, as a couple of Windows 8.1 with Bing devices have just gone official with a price tag at just $65.

This pretty much makes it the most affordable Windows powered slate.

Then again, something like this was always on the cards after Microsoft started giving away Windows licenses for free to tablet makers that build devices under the 9-inch form factors. Intel also chipped in with some really affordable processors.

If Android can have it this cheap, so can Windows, the point being.

Regardless, devices like this make the recently unveiled tablets like the Toshiba Encore Mini ($120) and the HP Stream 7 ($100) seem a bit expensive. Obviously, these brand vendors have made their solutions available to the US market.

However, these extremely cheap solutions are only limited to Asian markets for the most part.

Still, as reported here, solutions this affordable were shown at the HKTDC show in Hong Kong. Until now the reigning champion here was this Pipo Work W4 that retailed for $81. But now a few device makers have unveiled their $65 Windows tablets.

And as expected, all come with rudimentary hardware specifications.

Think 7-inch displays, 1024 x 600 pixels resolutions, Intel Z4745G quad-core Bay Trail processors to go with 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. Although an 8-inch display option is also on offer.

Enough to get things done, though — and that’s practically the point of these devices.

If you are into devices like these, then companies like Emdoor and Ployer will be more than happy to oblige. No idea when (or if) these devices launch in markets like the US and Europe, but at least the option to import it from Asia is always there.

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