We all know by now that Microsoft got rid of home server and I have an idea why they might have gotten rid of it (maybe it’s more of a wish).

What if Microsoft is going to put home server features in the next Xbox?

They must know that Sony and Nintendo are going to up their game and make their consoles more media centric to compete with the Xbox. I’m even guessing that Sony (and maybe Nintendo) are going to try to copy Xbox live the best they can.

We know that there are some features of home server that Microsoft is putting in Windows 8 and other server products. We also know that Microsoft bet big with multimedia on the present Xbox.

The next step would be to make their own home server so people who own an Xbox can put music and movies on it and stream them to other supported devices. To go even further Microsoft has a partnership with AT&T with Uverse and right now you can use the Xbox 360 as a set-top box but what if Microsoft puts drive extender into the next Xbox and allows you to not only save movies and music, but also use the Xbox as a DVR?

Now I was talking to a friend about this and we came up to the conclusion that to do this Microsoft would probably have to put a separate processor in it so if you’re playing games and streaming music or recording a program at the same time it won’t slow down game play.

My thought would be that Microsoft would have an Xbox Plus Server and maybe an Xbox Media which wouldn’t play games (I heard a rumor that Microsoft is already going to make an Xbox 360 media only box). So Microsoft would have 3 maybe 4 Xbox types out there (a regular one, one without a hard drive, one that has server features in it and one that doesn’t play games, it’s
just a media server set-top box).

Now I’m just saying this is my theory and hope of mine. I think it would be e great idea because if Sony and Nintendo try and make their consoles more like multimedia hubs like the Xbox, by making the next Xbox also a server would up Microsoft’s game in a big way. Now the question is, what would one of these cost?

There is a rumor that the next Xbox will start at $300 (and I would guess that would be for the lowest model that plays games). For an Xbox with server in it maybe $500 and hopefully the non-gaming version $199?

What do you think? Would you buy the next Xbox which could also be a home server?

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