Hopefully! New Windows 8 Feature – Multi-Monitor Taskbar

Sandro Villinger from ITworld has hunted down a few new Windows 8 features.

The third is a Multi Monitor Taskbar.

This has been the source of many complaints over the years. It’s also the sole reason commercial tools like “UltraMon” or “Actual Multiple Monitors” are selling like hot cakes.

According to the settings description seen above, there might be a new “Multiple Display” section under the “Taskbar Properties” dialog.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in early builds of Windows 8, but it was even hinted at at the end of a 2008 PDC presentation on the Windows 7 taskbar: “Hopefully in Windows 8, we can actually get around doing a proper implementation of the multi-monitor taskbar.”

It’s yet unclear what the taskbar on the other display(s) will actually show: Will the taskbar on display 2 show only program icons visible on display 2? Will the clock and tray icons be cloned on both screens or only visible on one? Below is a mock-up of what a multi-monitor taskbar could look like: