Windows 8 is a hybrid operating system from Microsoft which is meant to scale to all the devices that you use regardless of the form factor.

It is designed to be fast and fluid and a lot of fundamental changes have been done in Windows 8.

But the question that strikes my mind is how difficult Windows 8 will be to use for an average user?

Windows 8 will certainly be tough to get used to for the average user.

Here is why:

The All new Metro Interface

With Windows 8, the average user will face the new Metro interface for the first time.

Getting used to the metro interface will require a lot of learning and spending of time.

I think this is something which will totally confuse the user when he will see it for the first time.

Being clueless what these square boxes are and what they do, the average user will have to spend a lot of time learning how to use it.

Even if he wants to switch to the desktop he will have to figure out how to reach there.

No option of booting directly to the desktop

This is a feature that both average and power users would want. Not everyone is a metro lover.

A lot of people still love the desktop and would like to use the legacy apps, staying away from the metro ones.

For them giving an option to boot directly into the desktop is very essential.

This will save a lot of time of an average user, as it will reduce the time it takes to reach the desktop from metro.

No Start Button


Another decision that will make the experience of an average user more difficult and frustrating.

Since Windows 95, users have used the start button and start menu for a variety of functions.

Suddenly removing the start button will confuse a lot of people, leaving them hopeless how and where to start from.

Also the shutdown option has been moved to the power settings in the settings charm which was earlier in the start menu (and could be accessed using start button).

This makes it difficult for an average user to discover.

I have seen a lot of people struggling hard to shut down their Windows 8 PC.

Removal of Aero

An average user wants his PC to look beautiful. That is one of the major factors of success of Aero in Windows 7.

Now with Windows 8,it will be difficult for them to get used to the classic theme.

So these are some of the things that makes me feel that Windows 8 would be a lot more difficult for an average user and will force them to think twice before upgrading.

What do you think?

Will switching to Windows 8 be difficult for users?

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  • Tomasrys

    OMG… Really? I can’t believe you are writing this post this way. This is biased to say the least…
    “This will save a lot of time of an average user, as it will reduce the time it takes to reach the desktop from metro.”??? Really? I put my son (8 years old) to the test. I asked him.. Please go to the desktop as in W7 from the start screen (the one with the colourful tiles)… he took like 3 seconds to scan the tile saying “desktop” and clicking on it… Come on.. give people credit and stop trashing a system that is great…
    Then, the start button.. really??? again??? let it go! it is childish frustration for something that IS NOT COMING BACK! period.. unfair to transfer your frustration to the rest of the people… There are soooo many things that common users can do to go around the (in)famous start button… from customizing the start screen to scan all tiles easily to find the desktop app that they want which is pretty easy really, to add the icons to the desktop and to the taskbar, to add an add-on like Rockmelt to have all the apps to their reach… and this is not “almighty power user” stuff.. this is simple stuff you could research very easy in internet… and that probably regular people are already using in w7 avoiding the start button altogether.. Same with the “option to go to desktop” with the addition of 3 seconds (literally) to jump from the start screen to the desktop.. come on!!!! let it go and grow up!
    The shutdown thing.. I kind of give you that one.. for the first week or so (and I might be unfair to people almost like you do.. because it might take way less time).. then it is as easy as it used to be, if not easier.. and you can still add a gadget to add those buttons to your desktop, or with a little more tech-inclined attitude (again, not Power user stuff), you could create a shortcut to add those functions to both, your taskbar and the start screen…
    Overall, “regular users: as you call us, might get surprised and intrigued at the beginning; they might not know what to do on (like) the 15 minutes, and then everything starts to flow.. and if they are “savvy” enough (again, please give us a little bit of credit) a quick visit to the internet and/or youtube and voila… people will catch on really fast…
    The aero thing.. is like you trying soooo desperately to justify your post altogether.. is like “what else can I find against the OS, what else… what else???… oh.. I know.. it is ugly because it doesn’t have AERO…” Again, childish…
    You can stay on W7 and keep complaining, instead of being open and receive it as what it is: and OS that yes, it is changing paradigms and yes, it might be surprising.. but then, surprising is not the same as ugly or not likeable… So, grow up, and let go.. and don’t try to create prejudice in people because there is something you are making a tantrum about… Really…

    • Wlb1218

      yeah i tried it and worked with it for over a month, but went back to win 7,The areo thing is what makes win7 so popular, ans as far as having our son try it, well im sure he learne from you watching you use win7. I personally think windows 8 will not be as popular as win 7, only the young will understand win8, not the old.As far as coplaining of w7, I think its the best OS ever, if you know anything about OS you can tweak w7 and find ways to a faster running PC, it reconize s 99 % of new hardware with alot more options to disable things if the user wishes not to use them. I have been using w7 since the RC came out and have disected it over and over again. My Boot up takes like 3.5 secondsand instantly installs all my new hardware in seconds. So you keep telling people what you tell them , tell me this tho, why is Microsoft putting out a video on how to use w8? Because its complicated even to pro’s, it will fail

  • ECM2

    human with IQ of 50? 
    high school graduate?
    divorced person?
    old dog with no ability whatsoever to learn how to click tiles?
    iPad user who is allergic to Metro?
    WinXP user with no clue what progress means?
    tech blogger who thinks 90% of people are dumb because they are not tech bloggers?

  • 123321

     one get used to it very quickly. and when you got used to it you never want to miss it. thats my opinion. and w8 does a lot of things really much easier than it was with all other versions of windows. such as e-mail, calendar, etc… microsoft decided correctly to concentrate to the basic and important things. i only hope that the functionality of programs will not be reduced to much …

  • ECM2

    Microsoft will release a Windows 8 Brains and Noble Tablet tomorrow. 
    If you are an average user (IQ<50) do not buy this gadget! 
    For you, the average user, it will be very difficult to use (sarcasm).

  • Billy Lariviere

    A lot of whining in this article…
    Yes some people will complain, and some will love it. By keeping on complaining, you surely help people to go in your tracks.
    How do you like Windows 8 so far?
    I think people need a good introduction on a start video when they use it for the first time, and they will be good to go.

    • Wlb1218

      Not whinning, I do have a windows phone, and I Love it.

  • Rex

    I can tell you 100% from experience.  I have loaded and used Windows 8 on my computer for over three months now.  I purposefully did not tell my wife anything about how to use it.  She uses my computer as much as she uses her own, and since I installed Windows 8, she acutally uses it more than her own.  Especially when she wants something quick.

    The first hickup she had was IE10.  She couldnt understand how there were 2 versions and she didnt understand the tabs nor the “favorites”.  I have a PC without touchscreen, so I dont need the Metro version.  I unpined the metro version from the start screen and pinned the desktop version in its place.  Problem solved.

    Last night, for the first time, she asked me how to turn off the computer.  Normally I turn the computer off, so she leaves for me.  I showed her how to do it quickly.  I have gotten used to it however, I timed myself on both Windows 8 and on her Windows Vista.  The method is completely different, but takes about the same amount of time (but it does feel longer because you go through several screens so quickly).  I still would like to have a power button on the power menu.  I dont know what it is called since it isnt the start menu.  I am talking about the replacement for the start menu you get when you right click the bottom left hand corner of the desktop that has access to a lot of the stuff that was in the start menu except programs of course (it is nicely accessible from either Metro or the desktop GUI).  I really like that bar by the way.  It removes most of what I can see of a reason people to complain for missing a start menu.  I dont remember it in the consumer review.  I hope it makes it to final version, though.

    Anyway, after that, I asked my wife her feeling about Windows 8.  She says she likes it OK, she likes that it is fast, but she still finds it confusing and in general likes and understands  the layout of Windows Vista better.  But she appreciates the speed and uses it because of that.

    I still use her computer as well.  It is strategically located.  But I am more used to mine, I now perfer Windows 8 well over Vista.  To each there own.  I can understand people having different opinions.  What I cant stand is people telling others their opinion is wrong.  If you dont like Windows 8, fine.  Just dont call me a shrill because I do.  Most likely, I have used it much more than those who dont like it.  And by the way, I most definitely am a power user.  I used to be a PC tech, but now am a server system admin, so I definitely know what I am talking about.  Blanket statement like “it is not for power users” is hogwash.  Own up, it may not be for you, but dont presume who it is for.

    • Wlb1218

      ok how do you un-pin metro?