Windows 8.1, the major refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating platform is an OS of many firsts. But another thing Microsoft has pulled off with it is a change in the RTM concept of computer software.

RTM, in the past, meant pretty much the near final version of a software, an operating system.

But as previously rumored, the technology titan is all set to continue work to improve and enhance Windows 8.1, even as it announced earlier today that the upcoming operating system has hit the important RTM milestone.

Microsoft’s Antoine Leblond talked about this in the blog post announcing Windows 8.1 RTM:

“In the past, the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone traditionally meant that the software was ready for broader customer use. However, it’s clear that times have changed, with shifts to greater mobility and touch as well as the blurring of work and personal lives.

As such, we’ve had to evolve the way we develop and the time in which we deliver to meet customers with the experience they need, want and expect. We’ve had to work closer to our hardware partners than ever before. Reaching this milestone is about optimizing the overall experience for our customers.”

In fact, Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft also posted a short message on Twitter, explaining how RTM is now different:

“RTM is different now as we ship updates faster for Windows, meant for partners while we refine for customers for GA.”

Now, this obviously provides Microsoft with more control as well as an opportunity to further refine the operating system before general release, in order to greatly improve the experience to end users. The company will prepare a new set of updates ahead of the October launch.

According to some previous reports, Redmond will deliver these updates to end users three days before the general availability of the OS, obviously via the built-in Windows Update feature.

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