How To Add Or Remove Quick Actions In Action Center In Windows 10

Want to change the quick actions that show up in the Action Center in Windows 10? You can easily personalize the available ones from a dedication section in the Settings app.

The actions you have depend on your system.

These allow you to quickly and easily toggle items on or off, items like Airplane mode, Quiet hours, VPN, Night light and more. Adding or removing these, or rearranging the various quick actions that show up in the notifications panel in the operating system takes just a minute.

Follow these simple steps to add or remove quick actions in the Action Center in Windows 10.

1. Open Settings.

2. Click on the System icon.

3. Go to Notifications & actions on the left side, and then under the quick actions section, click or tap on the various actions available. You can drag to rearrange them here by pressing and holding or clicking to move them around.

4. If you want to turn them on or off, click on the Add or remove quick actions link below, and toggling their switch as you prefer.

5. Now, simply click on the Action Center icon in the Taskbar to confirm whether your chosen options are showing in the arrangement you just set.

  • mgp

    I notice in the example there is no quick action button for “note”, has it been removed in the latest insider versions?

    • Fahad Ali

      Nice catch there!

      This is build 16251, but perhaps the toggles are now dependent upon the system. That, or it’s just another one of the quirks in this build. After installing the available updates, the Calculator app now fails to start.

      • mgp

        I’ve noticed this on the last few builds. I’m on skip ahead 16353

        • Fahad Ali

          Yeah, sure looks like they are changing things around. Perhaps Microsoft plans to reserve these options for touch enabled devices.

          • mgp

            My devices are all touch enabled, so no dice!

          • Fahad Ali

            Yeah, seems very odd, then!