How to Install Windows 8 in a Virtual Machine

Great article from Windows8 geek about installing Windows 8 on a VHD.

It shows how to install Windows 8 in a bootable vhd format.

Some might ask, what is a VHD?

A Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) is a virtual hard disk file format, meaning it can contain what is found on a physical Hard Disk Drive, such as disk partitions and file system, which in turn can contain for example files and folders.

It is typically used as the hard disk of a virtual machine.

A Virtual Hard Disk allows multiple operating systems to reside on a single host machine. This method enables developers to test software on different operating systems without the cost or hassle of installing a second hard disk or creating a separate partition on a single hard disk.

The ability to directly modify a virtual machine’s hard disk from a host server supports many applications, including:

  • Moving files between a VHD and the host file system
  • Backup and recovery
  • Antivirus and security
  • Image management and patching
  • Disk conversion (physical to virtual, and so on)
  • Life-cycle management and provisioning

Read the article about installing Windows 8 as a VHD here