Microsoft is working towards synergy, offering a streamlined experience for Windows users no matter the devices they own. Part of this puzzle is the sharing of apps, and sending messages between them.

Basically, letting the other devices open apps and continue your experiences.

The company has given this feature its very own page, as a new entry under Settings called Shared Experiences. A new dropdown has been added to allow you to switch between the My devices only or Everyone nearby options.

As you can imagine, this feature will need to be turn on for every device you want to share apps across.

However, if you don’t want this ability, you can easily turn it off.

Ensure that you are signed in as an administrator, and then follow these simple steps to turn share apps across devices on or off.

1. Open Settings.

2. Click or tap on the System icon.

3. Scroll down to Shared experiences.

4. Turn the Let me open apps on other devices, send messages between them, and invite others to use apps with me option on or off via the toggle switch under the Share across devices section.

5. You can also define the devices that you can share or receive from below.

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