When you open File Explorer in Windows 10, it shows the new Quick Access view by default, which lists your most frequently accessed folders and most recently accessed files.

Windows 8 offered the This PC view.

And if you would rather go back to that, then luckily, the option to change things around to how they were previously, is as simple as clicking on a radio button. You just need to open the Folder Options window from the Ribbon.

This is how you can turn off Quick Access view in File Explorer.

1. Open File Explorer.

2. Select View > Options from the Ribbon.

3. And click on the Change folder and search options.

4. In the Folder Options window that pops up, click the Open File Explorer dropdown menu at top, and then select the This PC option. This will ensure that every time you open File Explorer, it defaults to the old This PC view.

5. Click OK, and you are done.

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