One of the more convenient of features built into Windows is AutoPlay, which as the name hints lets you choose an action that is automatically carried out when you plug in different kinds of media.

All the common media types are supported, and Windows 10 will automatically launch an app whenever you connect a CD, DVD, or a camera memory card filed with photos and videos. With AutoPlay turned on, you will only see a notification, and you can even turn off this function for specific media or devices.

You can turn AutoPlay on or off via both the Control Panel and the Settings app.

1. Open Settings, and then click or tap on the Devices icon.

2. All the related options are listed in the AutoPlay section, which you can go to from the left panel.

3. If you want, you can turn off AutoPlay for all media and devices from this screen, or customize the options depending on what you connect to your Windows 10 computer.

You can also get access to these options from the Control Panel.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Make sure you are in any of the two Icons view, and click on the AutoPlay icon.

3. Modify the settings for each device from here, as you wish.

4. And if you want, you can also click or tap on the Reset all defaults button in the bottom left corner to quickly choose the default option for all media and devices in Windows 10.

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