How Vaultpress saved my Windows 8 website from over 2000 404 errors

So imagine running a very successful Windows 8 blog with thousands of daily visitors.

Imagine working with your technical staff to upgrade and update a piece of your site (Windows 8 Forums) and then disaster happens – the update goes bad and all your forum data is gone.

Just like that, thousands of posts and Google rich data is gone.

Obviously, you do a restore and go back to the version of your site that was fine before the update right?

Well.. just imagine that you’re caught in the perfect storm of nonsense and your hosting company has erased that backup and (really) do not have a way to restore your data? – More on that later believe me..

What do you do when your business is looking really shaky and this disaster has struck?

This is not a fantasy – it happened here on this site and it looked very grim for a while.

LUCKILY my friends, a few weeks ago I had signed up for Vaultpress.

Vaultpress homepage

Vaultpress homepage

What is Vaultpress? Well, from their site:

VaultPress provides realtime, continuous backup and synchronization of every post, comment, media file, revision and dash­board setting across at least two separate cloud services in addition to the Automattic grid, ensuring no loss of content.

How? Using WordPress hooks to receive alerts when information changes on your site, VaultPress immediately syncs all of your changes with our servers. The net result? 11 copies of your data, backed up continuously and in real time.

Using Vaultpress, you have a dashboard that is dedicated to giving you a real time view of your website.

Vaultpress Dashboard 1

Vaultpress Dashboard 1

On the dashboard, you can see backups, statistics and activity all related to your website.

They also have a real time one click restore function that is able to restore your website from scratch.

Here’s a look at the backup engine chugging for my site..

Vaultpress Backups

Vaultpress Backups

As you can see, it’s tracking database data, theme files, plugins and uploads.

Long story short, my tech team was able to go back to a previous date, extract my forum tables and reimport and restore my Windows 8 Forums.

Vaultpress saved my ass and I thought I would share that with you.

If you’re a blogger who has a substantial amount of data that you want to protect, you NEED to sign up with Vaultpress.

Check out their plans here.

P.S. I am not an affiliate. 🙂

P.P.S. It only takes one perfect storm to wipe out your blog.. believe me.

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